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  • IMCH would certainly be more accessible .... lets get the next few years over and done with first  image


    seren nos wrote (see)

    i thought he was saying you look 20...............




    And who are we to disagreeimage

  • Never a day over 21 Pingu! Imagine trying to pass your sister off as your daughter at this years... Unthinkable

    Wish I'd be there to do the same but in going to have to wait until Henley... I have a prior engagement for my 40th and I'm not allowed to leave early to go to nottingham and register, so it's pirate champs for me instead
  • Aw that's a shame, could have made a birthday weekend out of it what with you being a full day older image

  • I tried to get the wedding moved... The answer was no

    I tried to get permission to leave early register and rack.... The answer was no

    I suggested getting married in the finishing tunnel.... The answer was no

    C'mon Henley image

    You're going to have to fly the flag for both of us IP
  • Is it your bday the day before the race or day before reg IP
  • Rubbish excuseimage 

  • Doner Kebab wrote (see)
    Is it your bday the day before the race or day before reg IP


    On the day, 7/7 image (Gastank is 6/7 which makes him REALLY old).

  • I'll be 40 years and 1 day DK against pingu's feeble 40

    Bad planning should have come out earlier IP!

    Older and wiser... Right hereimage
  • image image

    So I'm assuming from your previous comments, you're getting married that weekend??

  • I wouldn't get married if she won't let you do it gas, its a slippery slope from there mate.

    Cool, lP, just the excuse I need to have a few. I'm going to wait till after the event next year image
  • image what, not even any shots the night before???

  • Yep getting married on my 40th pre agreed before this years and then they switched the date for 2013! Was still hoping to do it but alas...
  • Aw .. well at you won't have an excuse to forget your anniversary!

  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    image what, not even any shots the night before???

    maybe just the 1 or 2image

  • /members/images/175343/Gallery/CD309m.jpg


    Might have to get one of these

  • image Love it!

  • Hi all

    First time posting in the triathlon threads. Have been thinking about doing an ironman but quite frankly it's all a bit scary. Have been looking at Henley but a bit worried about swimming upstream. And the cut off is 16 hours not 17. Is there a magic telltale way of working out if you're really capable. Have run 16miles today and am shot to pieces. Can't imagine doing another 10 having swum and biked first.

    Would it be sensible to think about it a bit more or go back to lurking on your thread.


  • You can buy the t-shirt from hereimage


    its near the bottom of the page, there are some great t-shirts on this site

  • Hi sneglen.........no magic telltale way............you just got to ask yourself..do you really want it enough to train all winter putting in the hours even when the weather is crap.....

    if you are willing to put in the hours then you can do it..........image

  •  +1 What she ^^ said.....image

  • +2 ^^^^

    And buy Don Fink - Be Iron Fit and assuming you can swim and ride you can do it in 30 weeks if you're committed (if not you will be committed the minute you sign up!)

    If you cant swim / ride, still possible in a year as long as you're committed...

    Come join the rest of us 2013 first timers on the "Fatman to Ironman" thread, I'll add u to list, well train, laugh, cry and swear together...

    See u on the dark side
  • Sounds like you have a great running base.

    The only way you will find out if your a capable is by giving it a go.

    De-lurking will really helpimage

  • Ooops.

    Imuk was great last weekend......just registered for Outlaw.

    Now to tell the wife...if you don't hear from me for a few days i'm in the local A&E
  • love that T-shirt

  • Sneglen same as above I would just go for it and see where the adventure takes you. If you get the training in keep a possitive mental attertude and go for it not reason why you can't do ever outlaw or Henley next year. Will be a lot of people in the same boat to so you can get some help or just banter off the threads so please don't lurk. image 

  • Sneglen,  I wouldn't worry about swimming upstream at Henley it's not fast moving.  Stick closer to the side upstream and take advantage of the slightly quicker flowing water back downstream.  I'm a back of pack swimmer and managed to do my quickest IM swim there.image

  • Tommygun2 wrote (see)


    Might have to get one of these

    I think we should talk to Spreadshirt and get a proper PSOF version made!!

  • Oh dear. I'm getting more and more temptedimage

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