Outlaw 2013



  • Yes, that seems to happen here...

  • There's no escape.........................................image

  • sneglen wrote (see)

    Oh dear. I'm getting more and more temptedimage

    image Join us you know you won't regret it. Resistance is futile and there will be beer involved if it helps. image

  • Plus, it seems if you're gonna give that much time to something you might as well go the whole hog! How much beer?

  • I think I'm going to relay it next year, if it goes to plan, a friend to swim, Mr plodder to bike and me to run, or that may get changed to me swim and run, with Mr plodder doing the middle bit.

    Mr plodder and my friend aren't pirates, yet, but it's only a matter of time before I convert them to the ways of the black and yellow imageimageimage

  • My OH has decided I've been brainwashed by a cult of pirates. I'm not sure whether that means he's onside or not?

  • imageMrsDigger wrote (see)

    My OH has decided I've been brainwashed by a cult of pirates. I'm not sure whether that means he's onside or not?


    I think he's already waivering after supporting at Outlaw image

  • image If he's not onside yet we can always kidnap him and set him in a room with Meldy until he convert's With the chains and pain devises she has should take about 5 minutes unless he likes that sort of thing? image

  • Might be interested in a relay section, not the bike though. 

  • How's it going Dusty, hope your on the mend mate....image I'm sure there will be plenty of offers for you to join a relay team next year....It's tough mate getting over injury/ illness, I'm still not running after breaking my leg in May but I'm concentrating on my swim and bike to keep me motivated. Take it easy and come back strong mate....image

  • Here goes nothing

    Full Whack
    Sarah the Bookworm 
    Maths chick? 
    Sponge Cale 
    Tommy Gun 
    Razor 51 
    Iron Pingu 
    Donna Kebab
    seren nos
    Steve ho
    Running Postie 
    Nurse Ratched (and Partner in Crime)
    Half Pint
    This is Tom's Pseudonym 
    Mr Zuvai
    Tired Badger
    Citizen 146

    xxx, Colourin, Lee The Pea

    Potential relay peeps
    Fraggle - swim (I offered our swim place to Fraggle without realising we aleady had a swimmer, oops )
    SuperCaz - swim

    Dave the Ex Spartan

  • Cake - you are consistently full of top ideas. Am sulking at the mo. Been sidelined for nearly a week. Back to it today, cycling to the gym. Lots of leg strength stuff again. bring it on! Hope all are well!

  • image Afraid my biked died this week but taken it to the nice bike doctor and should be rocking again soon. Well err going slowly and pretending I'm on chip's (throuse who don't know what that is ask your dad.) image

    Digger just take your time this year and get used to it all there will be penty of time to graft come the spring. What was the problem?  

  • Razor, recovery still but improving. Spate of hospital appointments to deal with first although going to try and sneak around an Oly Sunday at a reduced pace.


  • Good for you mateimage
  • Can someone please add 'into the blue' to our team as our swimmer? Can't seem to do it from my iPad (new toy) and can't be arsed switching the computer on ;o)
  • And I'll be there on the feedstation, doing bacon butties in the camp site, drinking and generally leading people astray - again!! image

  • I'll make sure. Get one this time!image
  • Raf,,,,, I never got one this year so I'm first in the queue....image....do you think our patented bottle drop shopping trolly will stil be there?......image

  • We need a goal like the other feed station. Massive roar for every one scored. Best will in the world, the shopping trolley was outgunned.

    And if you are chucking both "drop tanks" you are buggered coz there is only one hole! LOL

  • hitting that shopping trolley on the second loop convinced me I was coordinated enough to finish, so much more satisfying than a goal

  • Just lurking at thought of a slow relay option. Dusty - do you want a slow crap biker?  image


  • Cake - hope the bike doctor worked some magic. I'm just being an impatient brat really. Broke my ankle a while ago and every now and again it has a funny five minutes (playing hockey the other day didn't help). Then was bloomin poorly on top. So had a big girlie sulk! Over it now... gym yesterday, bike today. What could possibly go wrong!

  • I missed the trolley this year and need a bigger target to aim at!

    Cake I hope the poor baby is back working soon!


    just moving it back up ....image

  • Running Postie.............I think I was the bigger target as more bottles hit me than hit the trolleyimage

    i will have to build bottle throwing into my training for 2013image

    i ran yesterday and today...........i am getting there

  • I think it was Hairy and myself that prototyped the goal bottle drop at the feed station the first year   image

  • I got Seren with a bottle! Completely by accident or course image

  • A hairy bottle drop, must not search for that on google.

  • image I probably got Seren as well

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