Olympics most amazing moments

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Just watching this on BBC3. Great footage. Wonder about the talking heads they've drafted in to make comments. There's a guy in his mid twenties talking in "I remember it well" mode about something that occured in 1972! What! In 1972 he wasn't even swimming around in his old man's left bollock.


  • I think you can remember things without having been there. I remember details of the Battle of Hastings, but I'm not quite old enough to have been sitting battle-side watching it all happen image

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    I suppose what the broadcasters are illustrating is that the subject timeline/ date of issue doesn't matter a jot since it was only seen by the masses on TV in the first place. I just find it odd that they have these relative kids talking away on a subject as though they were watching at the time it actually happened instead of a recording shown to them 30 years later. 

  • The olympic footage was fabulous to watch - but the production itself was shite. What on earth was going on in that 'retirement home'. The presenters and 'retired athletes' were all male, the only women were slutty nurses in miniskirts and pouts. Combine that with the very pc choice of best ever moment and it's all rather confusing. Did anyone else find it odd?

  • Whilst I enjoyed watching the performances - yes I am old enough to remember the ones in 68 and 72, I did find it strange that they trotted out the usual BBC 3 mob to talk about it as if they were there!!!

  • Yes a very odd choice. I guess they send the clips they'll use out to their chosen panel and ask them to come up with witty comments.

    It comes across as incredibly fake - as our posts here show!
  • Very enjoyable prog from start to finish.


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    Grendel3 wrote (see)

    Whilst I enjoyed watching the performances - yes I am old enough to remember the ones in 68 and 72,

    my dog - I have some memories of 60 and 64.....very much old black and white memories.....

    the programme was interesting and shit at the same time.  No 1 was understandable but BEST???  iconic perhaps in many ways much like the Black Power salute, but best - I'm not sure of that.   

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