Can you fix your bike?



  • Have a look on for a used MTB.
  • I do most of what is needed on my bikes - barring wheel-building/trueing
    My -now- work bike is 18 years old (Dyna-Tech 755Ti) & had the wheels (Ultegra hubs/Mavic Open 4CD rims) retensioned a 100 miles or so after purchase, & they're still run perfectly, & seem immune to potholes after all that time!

    In the 90's I had a Pace Research RC100 as my MTB, & that was slightly odd (or... ahead of its time)
    1. Hydraulic (sealed system) brakes. they were Magura that acted on the rim though, not discs

    2. Their own stem, which was possibly copied to become the 'Aheadset' (the ubiquitous type used now, where the steerer-tube has the stem clamped to it
    Except Pace had it upsidedown, & the stem doubled as the steerer-tube

    3. Bullseye cranks. the Bottom-bracket axle was part of the chainset spider, & clamped via a 3/16" allen-bolt & mutli-splines


    4.  Separate fork-blades, with a bolt-together crown (if a blade was damaged, you could replace juse one side. Or... later on, in production, replace the blades with (their own) suspension forks

    5. The oddest thing about visually was the square profile frame tubings, with external buttings/millings

    Wish I'd still go it!!




    It looked like this



  • I visited the LBS today (maybe that should stand for Little Bike Shop in this case).

    The bloke was very welcoming, said he would look at why my wheel was rubbing on something (and that it was a tiny bit buckled), and that it wouldn't cost much to fix, maybe nothing at all!

    He also said my bike was very pretty.... so he CLEARLY knows his stuff image


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