Asics Gel DS Trainer 17 vs. 1170

Hi there,

I always run in the ASICS Gel 11xx series and happy with them - decided last minute to go for a pair of DS Trainers for a half-marathon tomorrow (a few people have recommended them in the past).

Here's the thing - they felt no lighter than the 1170s so I weighed them on the kitchen scales and they are just 4g (*) lighter per shoe - 328 vs 332.

If there's such little weight advantage should I just stick to my 1170s and take the DS back?

(*) - scales in 2g increments so difference in range 2.1g to 5.9g. Size 44.5 (UK 9.5)


  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Simon, on what basis have people recommended the DS Trainers to you? As a racing shoe, as a lightweight, or simply as a good shoe to run in?

    Asics do DS Racers as well, with both giving a clue in their name as to their purpose!

    From what I'm led to believe the DS Racer isn't that light compared toa lot of flats, and actually semi doubles as a lightweight trainer anyway.

    Probably explains how I've managed 600miles in my pair of DS Racers, when flats normally last half this apparently.

    If you haven't raced in a shoe before, I'm wondering why you'd first try it in a half marathon!

  • Hi Stevie - you are right I'm sticking with the 1170s tomorrow, wondering whether to return the DS Trainers. Recommendations was with halves and marathons in mind, was told the Racers are not for long distances.

  • Simon, I do all my road running in the Asics 11 series. I am wearing 1170's at present. I did have a pair of DS Trainers a few years ago, which I only used for speed work and races, and they were lighter than the 11's. As I said, that was a few years ago, so the latest model probably bears no resemblance to the pair I wore.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Simon, Racers and Trainers aren't a lot different i wouldn't think.

    I've run half marathons in the Racers. I know a lot of people run in even lighter stuff for races too. All down to the individual.

  • Simon, are you comparing brand new vs brand new weights, or brand new vs well worn down rubber?

    I noted the following weights when new for size UK10 / EUR45:
    Trabuco 14 - 391g
    GT-2170 - 360g (sorry that's the closest I have to 1170 to compare to)
    DS Trainer 17 - 337g
    DS Racer 9 - 245g

    As you can see, the difference between DS Racer and DS Trainer is much greater than the difference between DS Trainer and 1170/2170. I've raced up to and including 10 miles in DS Racers and felt great, and will use them for HMs too. I've seen mention of people running Marathons in them too. As Stevie G mentioned, the Racers are not as lightweight as most true racing flats, for me though I appreciate having that little bit of support because I have a tendency to over pronate on my right foot.

    I like the 'heel clutch' fit on the DS Trainer but would not consider them to be a racing shoe unless because I was 'too heavy' for lighter shoes. For me they are a great all-rounder, maybe a decent replacement for a dead pair of 1170s, but a compromise shoe that is not different enough to justify having both occupying spots on the shoe rack - I'd want something lighter for racing and I'd want something longer lasting with more forefoot cushioning for churning out training miles.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    I didn't realise initially that the DS Racer has light support for over i supinate so technically shouldn't wear them.

    However, they have been fine to date, but will definitely seek out perhaps a lighter neutral version. I tend to run tempos and speedwork in them as well though.

  • Thanks Ballesteros, good advice/info. Cheers image

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