Rutland Water Marathon



  • Last year it was too hot with too few water stations. I think it would have been nice to know in advance where the water stations and gels were going go be.

    I don't need a foil blanket if there is a baggage area.

    I like a medal and tshirt,, people are always griping about medals/tshirts there's a whole thread here somewhere.

    The weather does make a huge difference on people's attitude. There should be a thread here somewhere on last years race.

    The point I was making about the finish time, tells you what sort of course it is, people after a PB don't run it, how on earth anyone could accurately measure the course is beyond me. It's multi-terrain and doesn't have an official measurement. Within the first 200m we were forced off route due to maintenance works. I think a few hundred yards isn't bad, you can see the finish from about a mile away.

    The organisers even supplied toilets on the peninsula and intermediate split times.
  • Now that I've recovered I can say I really enjoyed this, my first marathon. The conditions on the day made it more of a challenge for me and therefore much more enjoyable.

    The organisers had the basics there, and yes - maybe they could have done more for the fee (I could do three John Frasier 10s for the same price).

    The only issue I had was with my chip not registering properly, but I got my time - so that was ok in the end.

    I'll definitely be doing it again next year.
  • As a slight aside, was anyone sad enough to count the number of cattle grids we crossed, including ones repeated. I didn't but wish I had. I'll donate my medal to anyone who can tell me.
  • Paul... you mean you'll donate your non-existent medal? LOL Will anyone actually admit to have counted the cattle grids?image
  • I doubt it, but thought it worth asking on the off-chance. Perhaps I can donate the certificate instead with the space for the name intact. I'm sure someone will be grateful for a spare.

  • Now that I'm finally back home this evening, can I also take the opportunity to thank Rosemary and John for looking after me on the day, and ferrying me around between hotel, course and rail station. Losing my bank card to a hungry ATM at King's Cross on the way there didn't make for the best of starts, but at least I got there in one piece, and away again afterwards, thanks to both of them.

  • One thing that should be said in the organisers defence with regard to the price, is that the event comes with significant overheads.  The reservoir owners charge a significant premium for the uses of the site. 

  • i see no sign of the organisers on this thread answering complaints. They just don't seem interested.

    i guess once they have our money they don't care about anything else.

    not particularly overpriced if you got a decent top/medal/goody bag, but piss poor value for money otherwise, a vest with nothing on but advertising for the company, no medal or mementoe, and a bit of card, that didn't have time or even name on.

    cadets were cool, cheerful and encouraging. i wonder if he paid them, as i understand they pay no marshals at other fatfeet events.

    not bothered about weather, bad weather has to be expected in england at this time of year, but no one at the finish line to check people were ok was poor with conditions being what they were. Needed a foil blanket and hot drinks for all.

    water in cups no good especially as most cups were half empty.

    course long, i made it 26.6

    This is a PROFFESIONAL events company not a charity. FATFEET LTD ANSWER YOUR CUSTOMERS or you will find people simply won't enter any of your events in the future, and not just this one.

    Very poor communication from them, they don't reply to any e-mails at all, weather asking where race pack is, info on race, or complaints.

    The organisers have just dissappeared off to count their money and don't care about any of us by the look of it


  • For what it's worth, I spoke to Anglian Water.  Whilst they wouldn't disclose the amount they charged Fat Feet for obvious commercial reasons, they did say it shouldn't have affected FF's ability to put on a quality event.  In any case, they said they were happy to raise the concerns of people here (I drew their attention to this site) in their debrief they will be doing with the race organisers, and will be asking the organisers to use the comments constructively to improve their future events.

    I'll let people know once I hear some more feedback from Anglian.

  • And also no race photographer as promised. i had someone with me doing their first marathon and they really wanted an official race photo from the finish line, no photoprapher at finish or any where else that i saw.

    I got changed and came back to finish line and just about everyone coming in after 5 hours 30 looked terribly cold and in need of someone just checking they were ok and to get a foil blanket and hot cuppa, but no one there to greet them at all.

    I feel the slower runners needed special consideration from the organisers and red cross/st johns situated at the finish line, as for any one finishing between 5 hours and 7 hours it must have been hell out there. My first timer was dissapointed with the finish and the lack of interest in competitors at the finish line

  • I finished in 5 hrs 29... a PB as it was my first ever marathon. I'd kept a careful eye on the weather reports in the week leading up to the race and didn't take any chances: long sleave running top, long running trousers, water proof top, hat-n-gloves (which I kept for 90% of race), big bath towel, full change of clothes, big flask of hot tea and a selection of tasty food stuff to eat in the car.

    At the finish line there were about 6 people cheering me to the finish. It wouldn't have mattered if it was 60 as I wasn't for sticking around it was straight off to the car for me asap.

    As I approached the line I did think of going to the medical tent for a hot brew... but there not being a medical tent was not an issue as I had one in the car.

    Maybe we need to stop beating Fatfeet up, thank them for what they did give us, and just either come back for more next year (which I will image )... or not...
  • The last couple of times there were many groups of people out along the course. Including members of the public just out walking along the footpaths. There were lots of people at the end and competitors hung around to cheer in people they had run with earlier in the race.

    Competitors were more chatty on route as well.

    The weather was hard. I really hope to run again next year.

    The only thing I would change is a large tent to shelter in at the end with secure baggage area.
  • I was considering this one for next year so it's disappointing to see that Fat Feet don't appear to have improved much.  I've run a couple of half marathon events they organised, the first one was terrible and as I'd already paid in advance to enter the 2nd one I had to run that as well.  To be fair though the 2nd was much better.


  • My last word on this......

    I ran Chester a month earlier - the most magnificently organised event that I have ever attended - with a decent goodie bag to boot.

    If I could only run of these events next year it would be Rutland - marathons - it's all about the course..... 

  • Chester it shall be then, for me in 2013.
  • Chester is the best organised race, with the best finish I ever saw, but Rutland is a different type of Marathon experience, suits some, doesn't suit others, horses for courses really

  • Paul Eastabrook wrote (see)
    Chester it shall be then, for me in 2013.

    Why? You would have nothing to whinge about, how will you survive?

  • Good point, but Chester has a surprise hill at 24 miles you could moan about that,


  • Doh! spoiled it now

  • Beachy Head marathon is ??32. You get chip timing, medal, meal at the finish and food and drink around the course image

    Have cycled round Rutland Water and it is very beautiful sceneryimage
  • Loved it - the only  thing I think they need to look at was the finish - I ran in with a lady who was quite distressed and there was no one at the end to see if she was OK -  if we could have had a hot cup of tea and a 'are you OK' would be great - not worried about the t-shirt or goody bag. -( hot tea would have been much more appreciated) The cadets were fab and made me laugh especailly the girls doing the mexican wave - many thanks to them.  Will be back next year

  • Are you seriously comparing Chester, a road race with 5000 entrants, to Rutland, a trail race with 500?

    I'm missing something here.
  • Tim the point being made is that if people find so much to moan about with Rutland, go and find somewhere else to run. Personally having run both (and many others) I enjoyed both and tend to choose a run for the overall experience

  • For what its worth, I ran them both and enjoyed them both too. Bottom line for me is that however I look at it RW this year was badly organised, and very poor value for money.previous years have been well organised and poor value for money, but as I emailed fat feet (still no response) they are in danger of ruining a lovely little marathon by getting the basics wrong. Ldwa organise 26 mile challenge walks that you can do as a trail run for 7 quid! Nuff said. Fat feet ? Your turn to comment next...
  • I've e-mailed fat feet too but no reply like no reply when i asked info on race and also asked where race pack was, they have been posting on their facebook group about things unrelated to this race so are clearly online and must have read comments on there and on here but are choosing to ignore, they have our money and race over so dont care about anything else

  • Rutland was a great marathon only let down by the weather! Goodie bag was shit and only wanted a medal.
  • Crap... what's happening to me!!!! image Less than a week on from my first marsthon Rutland, and I'm conisdering booking the Bolton Hill Marathon for my secondimage . Why can't I be satisfied with a simple multi lap suberbian road marathon? image image image
  • Just booked my second marathon - Bolton Hill Marathon!!!.... my wife has peed herself with laughter called me insane and asked "You do know what winter hill looks like don't you?" image
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