Rutland Water Marathon



  • Just wait until you tell her that you have signed up for your first 100 miler!

  • Shhhhhhh.... I will not be susceptable to such an idea.... I will not be susceptable to such an idea.... I will not be susceptable to such an idea.... I will not be susceptable to such an idea.... I will not be susceptable to such an idea....


    How far is London to Brighton????? ... and back?image
  • Has any one had a response from the events company? i have now sent four e-mails in total, before and after event and all ignored.

    lets hope people vote with their feet and stop entering fat feet races because they just dont care about those of us that enter, all they want is our money, poor races zero customer care

  • I will never run one of their events again. I tried to contact them through Facebook.
  • i will bump this to the top of the list until i get a response then! and let everyone on here know forever more what fat feet are like, a proffesional company that take your money but refuse to respond to any e-mail

  • The organisers have had nearly 2 weeks since the event to respond to a number of concerns of varying levels of seriousness. I have heard nothing nor, as far as I can gather, has any other participant. I am thinking that perhaps we should consider escallating the matter and raising our concerns with the licensing body, England Athletics. Perhaps then, Fat Feet might actually sit up and take some notice.
  • i am not a professional english teacher, fat feet is a professional events company.

    the event was under ARC not uk athletics, yes they need to know about this as he wont reply to any thing

  • I've not come across the Association of Running Clubs before, but will take a proper look tonight to see if it's worth making an approach. It does mention the permit application process and the need for "Race Organisers (to) confirm that their race will comply with certain standards", so there should be an avenue there.

  • I sent them a mail this morning but have just noticed that the eamils that have come from fatfeet100 email all have "This is an automated email, please do not reply." So I suspect they only use that adress when there is an event looming.

    I would try using this form and see if you have any luck.

    As I say I've done the event three times now, there's loads of info here and elswhere on the web about what kind of events they run. Events like Grimsthorpe Ultra and Ocean Floor Race, together with feed back here should have given you a clue as to what to have expected.

  • Gents,

    If you email them in a calm, rational, reasonable and professional manner. You should get a reasonable and professional reply.

  • I was reasonable and polite but have not received a reply..... 9 days ago.... don't think they are professional or reasonable.... why can't they just respond, even if it's just to say that our comments have been noted.. the most they could have had is 327 complaints, surely they can take a moment to send out a bulk e-mail to us, it must be easy... I get plenty of bulk PPI Claim e-mails every day....

    Fat Feet should sort it out!!!!
  • I mailled them at 8:33 this morning. They replied at 14:48 this afternoon.

    Maybe check your spam folder or email them again.

  • i have e-mailed four times through the website contact, before and after event, and have never received a response, and nothing in spam

  • They are even worse than i thought then, i remember rutland 2010 being poor and people complaining, and fat feet just disapearing off after the race and wouldnt answer any complaints, just like now. Now it seems he was also doing this in 2011 at the woodland race, happy to post before the race to advertise it, but disapearing totally after the race

    The only person supporting these fat feet races seems to be "burgsrunner"....thats his wife!


    Organisers responsibilities start at page 24. Can't see any problems. Particularly about course measurement being accurate as reasonably practical.

    I still think people have entered this expecting a 5000 person charity road race. You should look at what other Events are charging and not compare with these big charity fundraisers. LDWA ??6 - 3 water stations, a hut and beans and sausages at the end. No first aid, no marshalls, no signage, bring your own map, limited support transport.
  • I just wondered what the people that complained are expecting from Fat Feet (out of curiosity) ?

    Personally I've done it twice, thought this year was poorly organised, and won't be doing it again, but I will be voting with my feet.

    @TimR: Personally I would take an LDWA event over this any day of the week, and not just for the price. The support I've had on these has been second too none.

    But I realise it's 'Horses for Courses' and each to their own.

    My particular gripe with this years event, was that they seemed unprepared for the bad weather. I passed one runner who had injured himself, was walking in the rain, and who looked in danger of hypothermia (IMHO), but try as I might I couldn't find anyone who I could inform to check on him.

    BTW if you want to check out gourmet food try either; The Three Shires (Staffs LDWA in April) or Clun Valley Challenge (Local School in May), both show what can be achieved on a relative shoestring image

    The Three Shires in particular is superb; Staffordshire Oatcakes stuffed with Cheese, not once, but twice on the same event.image

  • we want responses to our questions, he wont reply, he didnt reply before event, and wont reply now, hes only intested in the next big race of his, as that will make his loads of money as it costs thousands to enter, oh he'll reply to questions about that race, and clearly this has been something hes always done, refuses to respond to anything anyone asks after a race, when its been poor with many complaints, hes not interested in answering our complaints, as he has our money and thats the end of his interest in us

  • Gary, he answered my mail no problems and on the same day. He's running a business, not a club where armies of old ladies compete to bake the best cakes. Maybe complain to Nike or one if the big companies who sell you ??2 trainers for ??100.
  • For what it's worth I was one of the people limping along with an injury. I ran the first 3 miles and then cramp kicked it and reduced me to walking pace. So I got cold very quick. My main complaint is that none of the marshall stations could help at all, not even point me in the right direction to jack it in and get warm. I was freezing and had no choice but to just jog on. I got to mile 15 (twice round that stupid peninsular as by that time I was disorientated and shivering pretty bad). Eventually I knocked on a random house door as it was getting stupid and the very kind owner gave me a lift back to the car park.

    So for me I think that's an inexcusable position to put runners in, and ok perhaps part my fault for not wearing warmer clothes but they have a duty of care to the people who entered and I was anticipating running a decent pace so I hadnt packed a survival bag!

    Point 2 - my wifes first marathon. Greeted over the line by... nobody.

    Point 3 - my brother finished top 3 and got.... nothing.

    I would be ashamed if I was the race organiser but such is life, worse things happen at sea, I'll not race it or recommend it again.

  • I have been trying to contact the organisers and ask for a finishers certificate. There wasnt one in my bag, all I had was a large running vest which I cant wear as its huge!

    I have emailed several times and nothing. I will never run a fat feet event again.

    Does anyone know if there was a photographer? I noticed there were a couple of guys taking photos of us all but dont know where I can find the pics (not that I think I will like them, like everyone I was soaked and shivering!)

  • JLK - I have a spare finishers certificate as they were two in my bag, I would be happy to send it to you if you email me your address, I also have a medium vest if you want that.

  • Thats amazing thank you! No need to send the vest but the certificate would be great image

  • Tim R---    exactly, hes running a BUSINESS so should respond to enquiries, still no response to my four e-mails.

    He isnt responding to complaints, and until such time as he does, i will keep this thread going until everyone on this forum gets to read how bad fatfeet events are.

    He cant be bothered answering ONE complaint either on here or facebook, no responses at all, hes only interested in the next race now where he gets two grand off each entrant, oh yeh he'll answer the people entering THAT race 

  • I still have good memories of the race and will definitely sign up for the 2013 one... and it's inspired me to sign up to another trail marathon as my second marathon. Many other people enjoyed it as well... despite the weather... and issues. image
  • I did this event in 2010 as my third marathon and enjoyed it at the time - mostly for the scenery - though was a bit disappointed by the generic 'fat feet finisher' medal and rather deserted finish line.

    The complaints here don't come across as unfounded whining to me. Lack of marshals out on the course, or even just a sweeper runner at the back, is totally unacceptable. For what was provided at Rutland, it sounds like an entry fee of about £15 would have been more reasonable. And yes, there ARE comparable events out there being put on for prices like that.


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