Giant Rubber Bands

Hi, has anyone tried using those giant rubber bands for resistance training? If so, were they any good and do you have any tips for getting the best out of them?

I am stuck in a hotel with no gym Monday to Friday for the next few months and I am missing my strength training, so I am think of giving these things a go.


  • Kryten dont go spending yer money on stuff.

    Look at this

    You gym bunnies sheeshimage




  • I am quite a big fan of pull-ups actually and do them at home, but there is nowhere suitable to do them in the hotel room. I have been doing a few push-ups there already. Normally I work out at home with the pull-up bar and a couple of kettle-bells. But it's not really practical to take a 20kg kettle-bell on the plane unfortunately - its hard enough taking a tube of toothpaste in your hand luggage these days!

  • May seem mad but round my way there one of those outside gym things and before that the local fitness guys use to use the climbing frames and jungle jims in the kids play area for pull ups and upside down crunches. They still do  The poor kiddies never get a look inimage Pick a time when the kids arent using it and voila!


  • That may be a good option actually. I will keep a look out for climbing frames the next time I'm out for a run!

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