Running on holiday

Hello forum,

I will be going on holiday in a couple of weeks and it will be hot, very hot. The hotel has a pool so I can swim to my hearts content, but i am gonna pack my shoes so I can do at least a few runs in what will be fairly extreme temperatures.

Does anyone have any advice or tips when running on holiday ?


  • happy9053happy9053 ✭✭✭

    Only run every few days, dont drink too much the night before, then get up early and run when the locals do. finish off with a swim to cool down.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why not use the holiday as a chance to rest. I run 5~6 days per week for approx 50 weeks of the year. So I feel I'm due a rest whilst on holiday and at christmas. Just enjoy yourself and get back to it after. It works for me.
  • Run early in the morning.....

    I love running whilst on holiday and it's a great way to explore the sights.
  • I love running on holiday to, there is no pressure it is just pure fun running. I only run every other day and not on a saturday or sunday.  I run early and do my stretching in the childs pool when i get back. Small bottle of water to carry and stick to main areas or beach.

  • Thanks to all for advice !

  • I love running on holiday - seeing new places, getting to know the area you're staying in. Get out and go and 5am. Yes, it is horrible to have to get up early. But then you can get back all smug when everyone else is still in bed. And you have an excuse for a nice nap in the shade during the heat of the day. I have run everywhere I have been - New York during General Assembly week being a highlight, Rwanda possibly being the worst as the heat, extreme altitude and lack of fitness combined made me feel like I was going to die after about 10 minutes.

    If you get out later in the day and you're near the sea, I love doing a run down to the beach and then leaping in the sea in my kit for a cool off and a bit of a swim before running back.

    You see things no one else sees when you get up and go early, and you feel much better about eating all the ice cream etc... during the rest of the day!

  • Like dis above, treat the runs as a holiday as well, new views, routes etc. If it's really hot, don't worry about times or pace - just enjoy. And take a camera (best if sweat proof - which I learnt the expensive way).
    The enjoy a swim to cool down.

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