Wandlebury 2012 - 5 mile race

Hi all. I'm thinking about running this race but just wondered has anyone here ran this race before and if so, is it hilly and are trail shoes recommended i.e. is it all off-road/paths or does any of it go on roads? I did check the website but can't find out a definite answer/recommendations and in the video it appears to be gravel paths and grass but an answer from someone who has run it before would be great



  • Hello Sonic, I'm the race director. For a XC, it is a tame course, which is all off road, with one short bit of tarmac. There is one incline, but it is not steep. Despite the recent rain, the ground is not muddy (except slightly in one place, which I'm sure is drying up as I type). I have run the route in racers, trainers and trail shoes - I guess the choice of shoes depends on how likely you are to twist an ankle if you land on the occasional tree root or rabbit hole.

  • Thanks for your reply!  I've been pretty good with XC so far and have managed to avoid snapping anything on natural hazards using normal shoes and the weather is looking dry all week so I guess I'll stick with my usual running trainers.  I'll see you on Saturday!

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