Open Water Swimming (SW London)

Does anyone have any good recommendations?

I am near Tooting so the lido is fantastic but am having muddy water/fish/weed/swan poo withdrawal symptoms.

I went to Reading earlier in the season as have friends there to manage my regular wobbles partway round the course but would like something a bit closer and (ideally) public transport accessible.


  • Have you looked at


  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Hampstead Heath has open water "pools" and if you can swim in the Serpentine subject to joining the relevant club I believe.

    Apparently you can swim at the princes club - OH has done, so but I think it is closing down (or may have already closed down - I am going to Bedfont on Saturday so can find out if you like):


  • Shepperton is brilliant and not too far from Tooting.  Open on weekend mornings, Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as Wednesday morning!

    Here's their web site:

    Get a train to Shepperton and it's either a shot walk or a quicker cycle!  They also hire wet suits if you forget / don't take your own!

    £5 a session, nice beach to walk in, friendly helpful staff and a warm shower afterwards at the next door sailing club!  Tea and coffee are available, just no bacon butties!!  image  

  • I second Shepperton, very nice lake to swim in.
  • Shepperton, or even Dachet lake which is also nice.

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