Great South Run, beginner yet again

I could not do the GSR as I broke my arm and just did not fancy the crush at the start. I then got lazy and lost the running habit, working huge numbers of hours a week did not help. Then I was older, fatter and thought everyone would be looking at me as I waddled around the streets so I did not go out or even to the gym, a real downward spiral

I was allowed to transfer to this year and with horror I have suddenly realised the GSR is 14 weeks away and I need to get going. I did it 3 years ago in 2hr 3 so you can see I am not the speediest person on these forums. I would like to get under 2 hours this time.

I went out very early on Sunday and it felt good but so slow. Is anyone else doing the run and also out of condition, any advice on training.


  • I'm not doing GSR this year but when I have done it then I've done a similar time on at least one occasion.
    Find yourself a training plan to follow, 14 weeks is plenty of time to get ready for it.
    Keep us updated on how your getting on.
    Good luck image


  • Hi,

    See attached training plans and guidance notes

    Start off with get you round and if you can manage ou can always switch to sub 2h.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  • Hi, i also signed up for the GSR and im out of shape!! Thats mainly why i did it so i had to get fit, not got any advice really because im pretty new to training programmes but so you know your not the only one worried about it, im aiming for under 2hrs too. But ive never ran 10miles so dont really have a time to aim for. Its nice flat course though, so aslong as wind stays down under 2hrs should be ok. Anyway good luck!

  • Thanks J1M  I realised exactly how much weight I had put on and how unfit I am. I have started to get fitter doing some jog./walk also spinning classes and also long walks. I am beginning to feel slightly fitter but know there is a long way to go. I went out for a run yesterday and still need to walk every couple of minutes even just for about 20 npaces. I think it is more mind than body so my aim is to reduce these walks down. At some points the run really began to flow and it was a great feeling, just wish I could run like thats for longer. I will try the training plan I really would like to break 2 hours

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