Hey all

Congrats to all who have achieved so much this year..new and old pirates, been great catching up on the reading. Hope people dont mind but massive grats to Melli and Rosey and Foggy inspiring to say the least.

I havent been very well most part of the year and I am only just getting back on my feet. Did 1 mile on the treadmill tonight, boy it seems quite a hill to climb to get back to the fitness I had. Still have to start somewhere I guess and with this year written of for any competitions for me it will give me ample time to build a nice base for next year.

Sadly had to abort Canada a couple of months ago, but determined to get there next year (fingers and everything else crossed).

It is nice to come and read all of your training and race reports and have missed being out and about with the Pirates, hopefully will see some of you about this year if there are any events left...

Any how just wanted to say hi and well done to one and all and I look forward being able to train again





  • RC ??

    A name change??  image

    Come and play at Lanza or Henley next year !!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    RC - good luck with the recovery but do take it steady.

    it's a bugger when you're injured and all around are doing things you want to do yourself, but you'll be back image

  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Rc - missed you this year,  was hoping to see you at The Outlaw.  Sorry to hear you've been unwell , hopefully catch up soonimage

  • RC, take it steady and be consistant.

  • Hi RC, good to hear from you. Good luck with your recovery, as others have said, take it easy with small steps in the right direction.

    Thanks for the good wishes - your signs were much appreciated again!

    I will be at the Vit this year, maybe see you in a layby somewhere image

  • Oh!  That kind of a race is it Meli?    image

  • what *are* you implying? I meant he'll be parked up waving and I'll be speeding by on my bike waving but I have wondered what on earth you could be doing on the race course for that long


  • image

    Its fairly obvious that my strategy is less effective than yours  image

  • Hey RC, take it easy on the comeback trail.

    Hope you've been keeping up with events in MotoGP whilst away image

  • hi RC - good to see your back with the nearly living, Youll be glad to know that i put your old pirate kit to good use over the last 10 months and im almost a bona fide triathlete - if only i could drink like the rest of them pirates. Always up for a sunday pootle round rutland when your ready - get well bud 

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