Edinburgh Marathon 2013

Evening All,
Who is all up for Edinburgh again? This will be number 6 for me and at the moment am planning to try for a sub 4.
Previous results have been 5:53, 5:09, 4:59, 4:44 and 4:14 last year. One more try then I think it will be halfs for me from then on.

Who else is in for the madness that is Edinburgh again? or first time?


  • Wow that's great improvement on your times. I'm doing my first half in September, the GNR and a local one in October too. I've entered the ballot for London but chances of getting a place are slim to none. This one might be an idea for my first marathon, I love Edinburgh. Is it a nice course around the city? X
  • The Edinburgh course doesn't feature much of the city at all. It starts by the centre, heads out to Meadowbank then back to Leith at the beach, out to Musselburgh and beyond then doubles back so not a lot of Edinburgh in the course. 

    The course is quite flat though and organisation is getting better - only comment I would have is to train in all kinds of weather as I have done it in hailstorms and 28 degree sunshine and no way to predict until the week before.

    Goos luck with your GNR and October runs - let us know how you get on an whether you decide to go for Edinburgh

  • Heard that Edinburgh is a great event, so I've booked in - my first marathon.  Done a few halfs & felt pretty good at 2hrs 26mins. 

    Good to know that the info is right and it is flat - had my training all mapped out with hills! (Have done a few events that were so not flat)

    Hoping to do this one in 5hrs ish - but to get round will do me fine. image

  • I entered as a back up to London and now I have my rejection looks like its on - bit nervous about the organisation  - is it so bad at the end and getting back to the city?

  • I think the journey back to the city is getting better - it is a bit of a walk back to the buses from the finish but I only waited 5 mins once I was there this year. 

  • I live in Edinburgh and will have nothing to do with this whole event. I ran the relay a couple of years ago and it was so badly organised. Our team only got one medal and we had to argue to be allowed back in to go back and get our medals which had no year or race event on it. Everything about this event is about doing it on the cheap. The Bupa 10k and Rock n Roll Half goes through the City Centre so no reason the marathon can't other than £££. There is very little crowds out to support and being run along the seafront is very exposed to the wind. It is a flat and fast course though. Having run Dublin last year though I would have to say it is 100times better than Edinburgh.

  • Evening all

    Im back again this year, enjoyed last years despite the heat so have some unfinished business. I found as my first marathon it was a very good experience with good organisation and support. Also a great city so will make a weekend of it again.

    Ive got Liverpool in a couple of weeks so will have something to compare tt with.

  • I don't see the point in doing the same event repeatedly. My plan is to do 2 maras per year - one 'home' and one 'away' - until my body gives up. I did manchester earlier this year and berlin 2 days ago. 2013 will be edinburgh and amsterdam. I've registered for edinburgh but the comments on here so far make me question whether that was a wise idea. But all events are very different - hard to imagine anything better than berlin or worse than manchester. If you do just one mara in your life, make it berlin.
  • Hi folks,

    Just done Baxter's marathon on Sunday as my first.

    Already looking forward to Edinburgh (even though the legs are still hurting). Hopefully I improve my time over the faster course.

    Think I'd rather hailstones than 28 degrees.
  • Organisation for Edinburgh has improved over the years - this will be number 6 in edinburgh for me. Only thing I would say is very little of the route is in Edinburgh. Starts at Regent Road/London Road and heads past arthurs seat and the parliament then out of the city to Meadowbank, leith and Musselburgh so not one if you want the city atmosphere/scenery. 

    I am also doing Liverpool next week and Disneyworld in January so should be nice and prepped for Edinburgh (in theory) - might aim for a sub 4 then "retire"image

  • Unbelievable coincidence SweatySock.  I have exactly the same plan and did the exact same marathons this year and am doing the same two marathons next year - assuming my achilles tendonitis disappears!!

  • I've signed up for this event next year as I wanted a relatively flat marathon to go for my PB. It will be my 6th marathon, having done London x2, Berlin, Paris and Halstead & Essex (highly recommended rural run). My PB was in Berlin a couple of years ago and I agree with SweatySock it's a must do for slick organisation and an ultra fast course - although you can't beat London for atmosphere, Paris sits somewhere in the middle for me. I have relatives in Edinburgh and I've been to the city lots of times so really for me it's about the run. Will think about Amsterdam in the Autumn as well.

  • I want to do this but I need to make the missus agree to the thousand mile round trip.
  • Evening all, mind if I join you? I did Paris and Amsterdam this year, and Edinburgh's on the to-do list for next year, although I'm going back to Paris next year, so I'm not planning to go flat-out in Edinburgh.

    Elliott - Amsterdam 2013 entries open on Monday, although there's stacks of time before it fills up.

  • Hi

    Last tried and failed to run this marathon in 2008. Couldn't get beyond 15 miles in training without suffering various injuries and ended up not taking part. Have been competing in sprint triathlons since then but always felt I had unfinished business. I promised myself I wouldn't enter until I could get beyond 15 miles. I've managed a couple of 20 milers so far but going on for another six still seems impossible.


  • Unbelievable right enought BigChief.  In fact, it's quite uncanny.  I wouldn't worry about the achilles tendonitis.  I've heard it's highly over-rated and nothing to worry about.  

  • I did Paris in 2012 for my first. It was very congested and as a result had to spend much energy and time weaving in and out of people, especially the last 10 kms. Time was 4.14. Hoping Edinburgh will see a big improvement on that time ( theoretically I am in better shape).

  • Tiny request - if you are doing the Edinburgh marathon would you please consider participating in my study which you can find on the Spring marathon thread as MSc Research Project requires marathon runners - no electrodes!

    It's about using a positively focused self-talk technique to increase your resilience and positive affect (that's the strong positive moods that you can control).

    It is straightforward and might just provide an additional tool to conquer the mental aspects of tackling a marathon. Drop me a line if you would like more details.


  • Looking forward to Edinburgh...

    Did London last week in 3 hours 7 mins so will try and get under the golden 3 hour mark.

    Just hope the wind is kind to us on the way back...

    Then celebrate with some fine Stewarts ale and look forward to the pubs and nightlife on the Sunday evening!!!

    Good luck everyone!









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  • There's still time, just, to take part in my research project on positive self-talk. If you have 2 long runs left (at least over half marathon distance) and want to take part then email me directly at g.cochrane4232@student.leedsmet.ac.uk and I'll get the pre-study questionnaire to you asap.

  • Hi all,

    This will be my first marathon, training has gone very well and would like to finish in just under 4 hours, is there anyone who would like to help me out with pacing as I know there are no pacers within race.



  • Hi Paul- I am completly new to this Forum stuff, but there seems to be a more active thread on the link below regarding Edinburgh. I'm sure you'll get lots of advice there. How's your training gone? 

    I did my first marathon last year ( Paris). I'm running more this year and lighter and will not have as many loo stops!! So all that in the equation ( plus no congestion) I am hoping for 14 mins faster and to get just under 4hrs as well. I think there may be a few of us, so whilst I wouldn't be ideal to pace you as I am not certain of my ability to go under 4hrs, but I would be intrested in a group of 4hrs getting together. What colour starting pen are you in? I haven't got mine yet as need to come from France.

    Good luck.




  • Tom LuntTom Lunt ✭✭✭

    hi guys, is anybody parking on the musselbough racecourse parking...and if so how are you getting to the start line.  theres buses but ive been on the website and its abit confusing. any help is appreciated!

  • See the thread you posted chief, I've left bus info there. image


  • Good luck for the marathon. Stay positive.

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