New Forest Marathon

The New Forest Marathon website says that the marathon is now full. Does anyone know if there's any way that i can still enter? I've sent an email to the event organiser and am waiting for a reply, thanks.



  • Where on the website does it say it's full?


  • Hi Tom, when i went to enter the race and pay the other day it came up with a message saying 'Marathon Full'. The main website hasn't been updated with this yet...

  • Tried clicking on the online entry button, but it looks broken at the moment.

    I'm planning on doing the half, so I hope there are still places available for that. Doing the Bristol HM the weekend after, so it's not the end of the world if I don't get a place.

  • Still waiting for the organizer to respond to my email, might have to do the Farnham Pilgrim Marathon the week before instead as i don't want to waste the training that i'm doing... There were still places for the Half available last week.

  • Sorted it. Opera doesn't like that FR Systems webpage but Firefox seems happy enough with it.

    I'll enter on Monday, assuming the half I'm doing on Sunday goes OK. 

  • Cool, hope the half tomorrow goes well image


  • Hi folks

    I'm already in the marathon and ran it last year but hoping for a better race this year as I stepped on a stone at 22 miles and twisted my knee which made the last 4 miles agony at walk pace never mind trying to run it. Finished it at just over 4hrs was gutted as I was on target for another sub 3hrs 30mins after VLM and possibly sub 3hrs 15mins if I had kept the pace I was doing going.

    Ran the half course in reverse last weekend in hot sun and got slightly burnt, the half part of it is exactly as I remember and by the looks of the ground after the rising sun pub they had as much rain as the rest of us even there.  Doing the half marathon course again this Sunday before coming back to the Midlands after taking the other halfs parents back home who live in New Milton.

    Got my NFM shirt through the post today, love it and as its a technical one you can run in it.

  • I am booked in to the Half Marathon and it was filling up fast when I did that.  Running for charity and battling through training to increase mileage at the moment!


  • Hi Ben, you've probably seen that the race website says that runners who have entered and can no longer run can transfer their place to someone else up to mid September. I left it too late too (coming back from injury and wanted to have a reasonable chance of running it before entering). If anyone with a place no longer needs it then hopefully they will find this thread and get in touch. Good luck!
  • Decided not to enter in the end, my knee was quite sore after my last Half Marathon so I think 2 Half Marathons a week apart would probably be pushing it a bit too much. 

    Maybe next year...

  • Thanks Senor Spam, i will hope to hear from someone soon. If not then i will enter another one as i don't want to waste all this training... 18 mile run last week, 20 miler this Sunday coming... Still haven't had a reply to my email from the organizers which is disappointing.

  • I'm excited for this, Darkman do you think it is a PB course?

  • If you email the organisers, there is a reserve list running which you can be put on. I was hoping to run this as marathon #9 of 12 that I am doing for charity, but unfortunately left it too late to enter.

    The organisers take a few days to come back to you, but appear very friendly and willing to help.

  • Hi there, I am late as well. If any one would like to transfer his/hers number to another runner please let me know.
  • Ditto - if anyone has a place they don't want I will happily buy it from them! Please message me. Thanks image

  • Really want a place too... Been training for months, didn't think it would be a problem getting in... Really annoyed I didn't enter months ago... Anyone wants to transfer I would be hugely grateful!! Even moved holiday flights especially for it :0(
  • Didn't realise this was such a small field (only 700) but luckily entered a few months ago so got in. First road marathon in 2 1/2 years and hoping for a decent time (for me) as training is going well. Any views on whether it is a PB course - looks fairly flat on the profile.

  • Wine Man, I wouldn't say its a PB course, usually 5 mins slower for me based on 3.30 time.

    Its undulating, but thats what I like, it keeps you interested and the support if the weathers ok is patchy but friendly.

    Thsi will be my 6th NForest, only injury and lack of training has kept me away.

  • Has any one received race pack yet?
  • Thanks Shark will amend my ambitions accordingly! Not received my race pack but the website suggests we should get them in the next week or we should let them know.

  • Hi All,

    I have a place for the marathon and wont be able to run as i've been out for the last 3 months with PF... is anyone looking for a place? I had forgot about it until receiving my race pack yesterday!

    Please message me ASAP if interested as swaps need to be completed soon



  • Has anyone got there race pack yet. I haven't received mine sent 2 emails off and no reply.

    Should I b worried?
  • Race pack arrived yesterdayin the post, it is for the half but NFMA send out packs 2 weeks before the race.


  • Panic over. Got home today and race pack is here. Now going to read a bit before going out for a fast pace short run.
  • Hi Cara,

    You may have shifted your place already, but if not I'll happily purchase it off you image

    I've messaged you my contact details so please do get in touch if the place is still available

    Cheers in advance

  • If anyone else has a place available ill happily take if off their hands...Took my eye off the ball and forgot to enter even though id be training for it ....duh !! If anybody cant make the event please drop me a message.


  • still looking for a place. If anyone is unfortunate enough to have to drop out please message me.
  • This is a great run and am sorry for you who cannot get in. Popular marathons like this one just fill up so quickly nowadays that I enter as soon as entries are open. IF anything does go wrong, you know you can pretty much shift your place on. It will be my 4th time at full and I love it. Have had good and bad runs there so am not biased. I loved the new 'reverese' bit of route last year....much better. Am on a plan for Abingdon and should be doing 20 the weekend of I'll be running an extra 6 miles.......gotta be done.  image

  • ah Possum have a great race. Got me all excited when i got a reply email. Oh well fingers crossed i can find a place, but if not hope everyone else has a great dayimage
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