New Forest Marathon



  • ok i am now inimage See you all there.....
  • Well done karlsp for getting in.

    Good luck possum, u will lv Abingdon, I did it last yr and got a pb on a flat route. Not as well supported as new forest much smaller race.

    I'm just doing the half at NF as building up for the Amsterdam marathon in a few weeks. Looking forward to stretch legs at MP or faster for this race.
  • Thx Stephen - I did Abs in 2010 so know what to expect. Good flat fast course but yes, not as good as NF but a different run so that's fine. image

    Oh and sorry Karlsp for getting you all excited. Good luck with that place. image

  • well i'm doing the half, last minute decision as usual but phoned them up and posted my form off Will look forward to meeting people there

    I'm looking forward to seeing the ponies lol, no doubt i'll be taking pics on the way round

    Where are people staying ( I realise some of you live near enough to drive up on the day ) 

  • Anybody know of a marathon entry going??  Need one quite urgently - thanks.

  • hope those that wanted to run this get a place, only 2 days to go I'm really excited about it eek!!!

  • Well i was looking forward to this until i saw the weather forecast. Heavy rain for the duration of the full marathon...Not light rain, not drizzle, not heavy showers, but full on cats and dogs for the whole day ;-(
  • Yes.......cats, dogs and poines. Oh well, at least we'll all be in it together but it is a shame as the NF in September with the sun shining down and the colours of autumn is just so beautiful and the last 4 years has been exactly like that. Let's hope the weather forcasters have got it spectacularly wrong !! image

  • ....*ponies*.......image

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