Is November too soon to run a half-marathon?


Basically, I've decided I want to run a full marathon by the time it turn 30 (I'm 27) and have recently started running, albeit with very little research done (I'm hoping to take my work's place in 2013).

I've looked around and there's a half-marathon at the beginning of November in Conwy.

Is this a workable timescale? From cold to 13miles in about 4 months?


  • Do you do any other exercise? There are beginners training schedule for a half. Do for it. I'm also doing my first half in september. Only been training for 3 weeks but it's going ok so far

  • I play football every week and have done since I was a kid, so I have at least a base fitness I can work with.

    How close are you to the half-marathon distance after 3 weeks?

  • A lot of training schedules ive seen are 10 weeks so i dont think Novemebr is a problem image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Plenty of time.  Following a HM schedule and building up the mileage between now and then will give you a good base for starting marathon training at the end of the year.

  • more than enough time if you use a propper plan,

    good luck image

  • Defiantly plenty of time.

    At 29 I did exactly the same thing, from a regular squash player base fitness to a sub 100 min half in 10 weeks.

    I swear by these training schedules.

    Good luck.
  • Ok, cheers guys!

    I'll probably apply this weekend then!

  • wyn youve got plenty of time. Get a good plan off here. Could even do it with 3 runs a week. A speed work out, hill work out, and your progressivley longer one. Youve got a go base by the sounds of it as well.

    Good luckimage

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    More than enough time - I started training gently in May. At that point I weighed 16 stone and couldn't run more than 5 mins without major shin pain and needing a lung transplant. A couple of weeks ago I plodded through a 12 mile run non-stop in training.. on my own.. without the adrenalin of a race.

    I started with the couch to 10k run walk plan and then after a few weeks skipped ahead as i saw fit. It's good to be sensible but you also need to use common sense and advance a bit if you can.

    I am addicted to running now. Get in there and do it.. you won't regret it.

    I plan to do a half marathon in November and at this point the distance does not even feel like a challenge unless I start worrying about how quickly i will do it. 

  • Plenty of time armed with a plan. Football fitness varies greatly, but GKs aside, any reasonably competent amateur footballer who plays regular 90mins of 11-a-side, should comfortably be able to run 5K already, and really up to 10K at an easy pace. If not then their fitness is probably limiting them more than their footballing ability!

    So if you take a beginner HM plan, don't be afraid to skip ahead a few weeks if it seems too easy for you, just don't skip ahead so far that you're struggling to complete the sessions, otherwise you risk overdoing it to the point of injury.

  • Thanks for the advice guys!

    I've reined myself in a bit over the last few days: I did nearly 6 miles and I could barely walk.

    This week, I'm skipping football and running instead. I've just done an even 2 miles tonight, and I'll do the same on Wednesday and then I'll see if I can do a bit longer on Friday.

    I just got a pair of Nike Free Runs, so I'm breaking those in as well as my shins i guess image.

    I'm averaging about 9 minute 30 secs a mile at the minute which I'm fairly happy with.

    Thanks again for the advice!


  • That's the way...

    Most important things you can do early on are find some shoes and socks that don't cause blisters, rubbing or black toenails.

    Don't up the mileage or speed to fast: your joints and bones won't adapt as quickly as your muscles will. If you want to make running more enjoyable still, start to think about what you eat, make sure you get enough sleep and think about doing an exercise routine to strengthen your upper-body and core.
  • Easy (relatively speaking) unless you over do it and get injured, take it nice and easy you have time and your young. Follow a schedule you wont go far wrong

  • Conwy Half is a nice race. Scenic views image and a fantastic chip shop in the town for afterwards!


  • Go for it...plenty of time..get going now and your belay ahead
  • my favourite race of the year! as long as you dont overdo the training and up the mileage gradually you will be fine. Make sure you practice your downhill running as its quite steep coming down off the Great Orme.

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