Running app that does not need roaming/wifi

Hi there,

I am living in Belgium at the moment. I have an Iphone 3gs and am looking for a running app that would record my distance (and work out average speed if possible). The problem is I have my data roaming turned off because I don't want to incur hefty roaming charges. Is there any app that can use a gps and map offline?

I return home soon so will then be able to use roaming but would really like to find a solution for the next month.

Many thanks, and apologies if this is not posted in the correct section.




  • Nike + do an iphone app that uses a pedometer in your shoe to measure the distance (you can calibrate it on a treadmill / over a given distance as well)

  • The problem the iPhone (and most other phones) use GPS/A or Assisted GPS and this uses the network. Therefore, you may have an issue with the GPS signal. 

    You can get a Bluetooth GPS receiver. However, not sure if this will work with the iPhone and/or any software available. 

  • Thanks for that - it's a great help.

  • Euan

    The iPhone GPS will work without network coverage. It will take it longer to get a fix initially but should be ok after that. If your'e using an app like runkeeper or nike+ gps the only thing you won't be able to do is upload your run.

    There are a few apps which store offline maps too but I don't know of one that will log a run.
  • I've used my iPhone with Runkeeper and Strava in Europe with data roaming turned off. I synced the activities when I had wifi access, or I waited until I got home.

  • The iPhone (and newer iPods) doesn't need the shoe pedomoter as it has a built in acceleromoter.

  • My friends and I use the Nike+ app, and it's more or less fine.  For the phone version you don't need the foot pod in the shoe. Also, Endomondo is pretty good.

  • Grab an old 2nd hand Nokia 5800 expressmusic and put free sports-tracker(.com) on it. It's pretty much indestructible so no worries about damaging your iphone or getting it wet and the app works fine offline (the app will ask you before connecting, but abroad I turn the entire phone into offline mode to be sure of not hitting connect by accident).

  • I've used iMapMyRun with roaming switched off, and then saved the run using the hotel Wifi. Is that a possibility?

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