Online bargains?

Are there any websites that offer good deals on sports gear? I'm looking to replace my trainers and would like to do so as cheaply as possible image

I know of a few websites, but I think it's probably the case that there are a lot more out there that I've never heard of! 






  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    I use start fitness a lot

  • Another vote for Startfitness. 

    I nearly always get my shoes from them.  The often give you some free socks, too.

  • I'll have a look, thanks image


  • wiggle

    chain reaction cycles

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    and there is a code to the right of the page to get another 10% off start fitness

  • Sports Direct and Field&Trek (Same company but sometimes different bargins)

    DW Sports (Intersports)

    Bargins can be found.

  • If you already know what brand/size you want, there are usually some great bargains to be found on eBay. Bought wrong size, worn inside the house once for 20 minutes, that sort of thing.

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    wiggle has a sale on of running shoes at the moment



  • I always use start fitness / rat race stores (with members discount of 15% if you can search for a code)
  • Thanks all for bringing startfitness to my attention just got mesely a pair of Adidas Boston 3's off there. Plus using the OLYMPIC 10 code got 6 quid off plus free P&P plus free pair of socks all for 53quid. Good stuff

  • I was just going to say that Startfitness are giving an extra 10% off if you use the code OLYMPIC10 (ends Monday night).

    But the vicar beat me to it!

  • Sweatshop! Had a great sale recently and someone posted a 20% off code to add to it. I got a pair of brookes ghost 4 and a pair of asics gel kayano for under £100!

  • Another vote for sweatshop- I just used a 20.12% off voucher code I found online and got a load of new kit for £53 image

  • what is the code?

  • TWVP2 image gets you 20.12% of full price items.

  • Exactly! Hello new shorts, t-shirts, socks, tights and light winter layers image

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