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This may be a stupid question but has anyone suffered from a trapped nerve due to running with your iphone strapped to your arm. For the last 3 or 4 weeks i have an awful pain in my shoulder, i went to the doctor yesterday and he said it is a trapped nerve. I went for a run last night and the pain got worse. Am i mad to think the my Iphone is causing this? I will strap it to the other hand and see what happens


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    that's why they're banned in races.


  • Running with an iPhone on your arm isn't banned in races.

  • whats banned in races? I tought listening to head phones was banned in some races?

  • Some races, yes.

    But it's the earphones that are banned, you could still have the phone on your arm image

  • Not sure but I get aches with an iPhone on my arm- try getting a little bum bag that's what I do now. I find anything carried on either side makes me ache. Hope u feel better soon!
  • If the pain is in your shoulder then the phone is below the points where the nerves travel to the shoulder and annot be pressing on them.

    That doesn't mean it isn't responsible for the pain, it could be doing it by another mechanism eg squishing the muscles.

    Pain from a "trapped nerve" is far more likely to be coming from the neck but shoulder pain usually has another cause such as tendinitis, capsulitis, arthritis. The treatment of these is usually Physio and simple analgesia.

    I have recently had awful shoulder pain and it only got better when I made alterations at work and did lots of Physio. But t still comes back if I spend too much time on my iPad...
  • Thanks for the responses everyone, i got diaphene off the docter and an anti-depresent to relax my muscles. He said it wil lgo in a couple of weeks. it is getting better but still very sore now and again. 


    But what is really annoying me is i can't go running, i haven't run now in about 2 weeks i feel so unfit. Before this i was on week 7 of the couch to 10K, which is warm up then jog non stop for 22 mins. which i was already doing easily enough. Now i am concerned that not runnning for 2 weeks will have really set me back.


    wish this pain would just go away image

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