Bench Press, Squat & Deadlift

I enjoy a routine of basic power lifting when I dont run or sometimes after a short run. Is this helping or hindering my running? I am in my early 50s and struggle to hold sub 8min miles. Sub 7min miles seem very far away now image


  • Hate to say it but it might be just a case of getting older! (happens to us all) image



  • Disregarding your age, and looking purely at lifting and running. It's not hindering your running, unless your recovery time is making you too sore that it eats into your running. Don't give up the squats, they're great for your quads and nothing builds your core better than squats and deadlifts (make sure you have proper form for both, and going parallel on your squats). I've been lucky enough to never have any problems with my lower back and core area while running for I focused on a 5x5 barbell strength programme before getting more into running. Resistance training should be part of your weekly routine.

    I've personally given up most of the lifts, apart from squats for I was just getting too fatigued and my goals have changed as I've swtiched from strength to endurance (10-12 reps per set at a lower weight). Try looking into doing leg press as well as squats, and lunges are also good for your core/legs.

    Just tailor your lifting more towards your running goals. For example, are you training for strength or endurance? Trying to build mass isn't going to help your running too much at all.

  • thanks for the input. Tis true I am getting old and grey and my hair is falling out, comfortable 8s would be my goal now. A spell of a few years too many in the ultra distance category probably drained any speed I had. I was working at 5X5s just to build up a core strength. My form I feel is good. I warm up on very light leg press before my squats. I will take on board the extra recovery Alex as deep squats leave the adducters feeling a bit over stretched. I find the basic lifts quite addictive, gives a good buzz when its doneimage

  • A body strengthening routine is a great thing to do, especially as you say you're getting older.  I would add some core work, plus keep the working sets down to a couple, so that it doesn't overly drain you.  

    If you're not doing tempo runs already, I would do them if you want to get faster.  If you are, then something like 1km times five intervals may give your body the extra firepower you need.

  • The plodding is still in my blood, I probably fear injury too much. Will maybe try to ease into the tempo/speedwork stuff gradually.

    The main thing I was afraid of, was that my time spent with weights was working against my running. But it seems its ok.

    I'm still slow, but at least I'm happy and slow, which is importantimage

  • I share your injury fear.  My marathon training has stopped in it's tracks because of injury.  I'm looking into the whole barefoot method as a way of killing off injury.  Perhaps it would be worth your while looking into that too?  

  • the 'good' thing about getting older though is that although you might get slower, your stamina should be better than when you were younger! image

    Time to book up that Ultra! image

  • Managed a 7:10 penultimate mile down hill this morning, but it evaporated into an 8:15 for the last mile although the effort seemed the same. Following advice, no weights at all today. Just a 6 mile hilly route in 22 degrees, pure blissimage.

    Powerlifts tomorrow before spinning then 10 miles flat on saturday at 9s

    Happy, slow, and still a wee bit too fatimage

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