Now the sun is finally here can anyone recommend a good fitting, lightweight pair of sunglasses for long training runs?



  • Whether they are well-fitting is going to depend on the shape of your face and nose.

    Your best bet is to try a few on and see which feel right, because what's good for one person won't necessarily fit you.


  • I'm using Oakley Whiskers which are about as light as you can get, but not cheap.

  • I agree with Colmeister and Wilkie.  It took me a long time to buy the sunnies but the Oakleys are just the best.  Great fit with no movement, not fog and clear clear vision on interchangeable lenses.  Definitely well worth it if you can afford them, but sunglassed are definitley not something to buy on the net.  You need to try them on and see how they fit.  I even jumped around in the store with them on to see if there was any movment!

  • Another vote for oakleys here amazingly comfortable fit!
  • I recommend decathlon cycling glasses.  Been using for years now.  They come with interchangable lenses and i have found them comfortable.  In Spain I have a pair of Lidl cycling glasses again with interchangable lenses although a little snugger than decathlon.  I have had Oakley's etc in the past but i can't justify the cost and worry about scratching or dropping them.  Great for fashion but i don't have sponsors giving me free glasses when i can't keep hold of them (nice ride Liz).

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