Nike Lunarglide 4

D0MD0M ✭✭✭

Anyone tried these out yet. I have had 2 pairs of 2`s and a pair of 3`s. Much difference to the previous versions?  Lighter?  3 was definately more of a stabily shoe than the 2 and I grew to like them more than the 2, although not for about 250 miles.



  • I've only trained in lunarglide for the past few years and have run in the Lunarglide 1,2 and 3. I thought the Lunarglide 3 was too structured at first, but also grew to like them best eventually. Looking forward to trying the Lunarglide 4 and would love to hear from anybody who had run in them. At the moment, though, I will stick to discounted Lunarglide 3!

  • I have used 1,2&3 in the past.  My preference is for the 2's as i felt the toe area on the 3's was a little tight and the mesh was quite light resulting in my big toes bursting out after only about 200 miles.  so my perfectly good lunarglide 3's are now just used for trails etc (i dont do much trail running so these will do for now).

    I got a good deal on a pair of 4's (£66 sports direct) and at the minute i think they are the best yet, snug comfortable fit, really springy ride (as with all the previous ones), roomy in the toe area and better looking than the others, so I would really recommend them.  Of course i may update this post if my toes end up bursting out in a few hundred miles!

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