Is kitten kat right

are all Runners World threads now boring ?


  • I am still getting friendship, entertainment and knowledge from all aspects of the forum

    You get out what you put in   IMO

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I guess that it's where you 'hang out'. I enjoy all of the throws I pos to and make a point of seeing if there's 'anything new' or any discussions that take my fancy. Lately bookie has been posing some great that's as ??ell as KK.... So for me is not bt I guess I don't spend as much time on here as others
  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    I don't find it boring.  Its a bit quiet today, but then it always is when the sun is out as people prefer to be outside.

    Maybe I would find it boring if it was all I did all day, but I have a varied life and get on with other things too.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Do you think that KK?

    I appreciate your efforts to try to liven up the forum but sometimes I think it's a bit forced.
  • it depends on what you call boring...a certain poster who used to post new threads daily certainly couldn't be called boring but at times it was like watching a car crash telly..........i am pleased that they are no longer posting as it was not healthy for them or for the forums....

    i  have a number of threads that i post on  and enjoy for what they are.............i can't see the point in regurgitating the same threads just to try and force debate..........i prefer the natural progression of debates..........

    this is just one part of my life and i don't expect it to supply me with neverending amusement.......

    things go through cycles and reflext the ever changing needs of those on there............same as facebook....etc


  • Come on now and again, but it is the same threads each time -but each has their regular posters.

    Suppose it tends to be more of a social meeting place these days - than debating actual meaty topics...

    Just an observation as I see it. Probably wrong image

  • and i think that people post on threads that interest them and that are real........there are hundreds of current threads on here where people are happy posting ...........some prefer to just skim read a few threads..but most prefer to read a smaller amount thoroughly and give and take on there............the successful threads are there for everyone..not just for an individual............

    if the RW were truely boring then there would be noone posting.............and there are thousands of postings daily which indicates its doing what it set up to do....... 

  • What I find interesting is that people complain that it's boring and take it upon themselves to 'bring life' to it. When that does not happen, they still complain and yet they are still on the forum. Surely if it was that stale and boring they would look elsewhere

    This is a forum. People come and people go. It will evolve to be what it will be. No single person can make it what they want. No single person can claim to be the saviour of the forum and be responsible to trying to increase traffic to it

    I don't use the forum to find friendship or because there is something lacking in my life. It has been responsible for the creation of new friendships which are maintained in real life.

    I keep an eye on New Discussions but nothing there rarely grabs my eye. I am happy to stick to the one or two threads I post on and lurk (knowingly) on one other, all in Clubhouse, and the Tri section as I find there are a lot of hints and tips out there.
  • Dave..............have you looked at the new discusiion that have been set up over the last few days.............the people who say that they are boring and that people only stick to their own threads do not enter into any of these new discussions..........just set up their own.......

  • A good point well made, Seren
  • Forums have a life. I once read that people only stick around for about 6 months before moving on. Some forums are more lively than others. This is not the most lively I have come across but it beats most by a hefty margin.

    There is a rolling theme to threads but that's only to be expected. i guess if you stay anywhere too long you start to notice a pattern. Bit like going out with work colleagues, you tend to talk about what you have in common and that might be work.

  • Bloody hell, she should know, she starts most of the threds.  Perhaps its her?  image  running dry. image

  • A place to chat about liking cheese and what colour bin is due to be collected can never be dull, surely? image

    It is running a bit dry generally, but I'm not sure it's something we can force. When we first started nattering on here it was all new and fresh. There were few other sites competing (no FB for instance, or at least it was very early days for it).

    For some reason the threads on the FB group are a lot more interesting, and I've no idea why as it's basically the same people. A lot of the new threads on here are of the "What's your opinion on ...." theme, so they tend to generate disjointed one-off replies rather than a conversation and just peter out. I don't have a magic soution though, and good on those who are trying to stuff some viagra into the place. Maybe it's just that nobody expects anything from FB, whereas on here there's the general disappointment in/disaffection from RW Towers?
  • JohnnybikeJohnnybike ✭✭✭

    Only the ones she starts

  • there are thousands of posters on here and only a couple of dozen on the facebook threrad...........maybe hash you find them more interesting as you have met there with like minded its just like one of the long running threads on here..but is on a different place.............on the facebook thread you can go 24/48 hrs without anyone [posting...something that never happens on RW.........

    so i suppose its just an alternative thread to this one.............but one that isn't open to lurkers.............

    they are all there to serve a purpose and i suppose when they do not serve a purpose then peopel move on..............

    i don't think that RW is changing.i think peoples needs are changing as they hit different stages of their lives........

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    having been around these parts for 10 years or so, I will say it has evolved to what it is today.

    in the early days, the RW forum was pretty novel - there were some other fora around but this one developed a momentum and it was a very lively place with many people joining and loads of posts and I guess fun.  many people met in those days and are still in touch today either on here or via other social media.  the guys who set the forum up and edited it for RW -Pishfool and Benson mainly - were active contributors.

    then Facebook and Twitter came along thet allowed people to interact differently so active fora like this one became just one of a number of social media outlets vying for people's time and attention.

    so we are where we are today.  friendships have been made and will probably stay although many now interact via FB and Twatter; new people will come along looking for advice (particulalry noticeable in the Tri section as that sport is still growing rapidly); others will disappear as their lives change or they change.

    I'm still here but less so these days as a lot is repetitive.  I post if I feel I have something to offer or contribute, or occasionally just for a bit of fun.


  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I've been around nearly as long as FB - and it has changed considerably, but then so does every thing else in life, really?

    I dip in and out, there are still interesting things, something new to learn, and so on, but it does seem a lot less lively (and a lot less funny) than it was a few years ago.

    I also dip in and out of the facebook group, but I do prefer the format of the forum to facebook.

  • seems to be more of forum to chat with like minded people,as opposed to a "running" forum these days,i dont think thats a bad thing, i have made some good friends who i never would have met otherwise. of course, it helps that 2 of my favourite things are cheese and wheelie bins. image


  • Honestly without the help and thoughts of posters onhere I truely think I wouldn't be running. Through the injuries and other things. Also good honest advice aswell has been appreciated

  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭

    I've been around about 10 years too but didn't post much on the early days as I found it intimidating (and those who have met me will know that it takes a lot to intimidate me).  There were less people back then and it felt very closed to new people.  The same gang of people with the same in jokes all the time.

    There might be less of the frequent posters now, but I think there are more people in general and more variety of people.  I like that.  There are some threads that are a bit closed to new people but the majority of the site is open to all.

    The ones that seem to complain about the site being boring are those who seem to like the good old days of fewer, closer knit people.  I guess the FB page provides that sort of environment now for those who want it.  Personally I like both.

  • Schmunkee and SuperCaz - spot on!

    The forum is what you make it, but I would be a bit concerned if anyone was making it their whole life.

  • I don't think it's as lively as a few years back, but if I found it boring I wouldn't still be coming on here.

    KK's been banging on about how dull and lifeless it is on here for what seems like ages; I'm not sure why she keeps coming on here if she feels that way?

  • I'm fairly new to the forums, having used RW mainly for events etc. at first, but still find it quite a bit of fun and a good source of information at times.  There are some very experienced runners on here with hints and tips you could not get from many places.  Some of the threads are closed shops, or more accurately you would need to post for a couple of years to get recognised, but it's like that when you move somewhere or to a new job.  Still gets a + from me.

  • Its like people who complain about shite on tv ....  Turn it over or turn it off

    Schimples  image

  • I know what we need KAREN SAMUELS!!!!!!

  • Tall Girl. And D2D. .
  • I thought D2D was possibly KK occasionally. I know they are not, but they were scarily similar - both faster than average and valued themselves through that, both ignored training advice, both posted same question repeatedly then ignored answers...  both slightly endearing/entertaining but also the only two posters (other than spamalots) that I placed on ignore, because at times it was like spam.... it buried everything else in the forum. Bit like a weed suppressing all the other plants 

  • "Who are you?  Who, who; who are you?" 

    D2D not the KK. 3:41 impressed. image

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