What the F*** is wrong with Fetch again?

Can't log a run. Thinks about it forever. Then throws an error.

Then you go back and manage to log it again then it does it twice. Then it throws you out and when you try to log in says user not recognised

Happens a lot nowadays, but especially annoying today!



  • Why the feck come on here and complain about another website ?

  • Obviously got a BOGOF  on the upgrade  image

  • More Rodale rubbish you say image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    You use the dirty F word on here?image

    I dunno - I rarely log in but when I Do it's always slow
  • Why not ask Fetch himself by logging it in the feedback section?  Or go on to the "sort it out" thread and mention it there?  He can't be expected to fix it if you don;t address it on the site directly and there's not much the folks on here can do about it really! 

  • Just wondered if it was playing for anyone else....

    I would mention it on Fetch if I could actually to get the site to load...

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