There must be a 2e wide trail shoe somewhere?

Just finding it so hard to get a pair of wide trail shoes I may have to give up on the idea of doing trail running in winter! I can't believe how hard it is to spend money! Please help!!!!!!


  • Yup It's pretty rubbish. I asked New Balance in the UK why they don't stock the wide versions that they stock in the US, and just recieved a bunch of flim flam from them.
    Have you tried any of the vivobarefoot trail shoes? No idea what the official width is, but they're reasonably wide. 

  • Nope ..round here in Poole Dorset not many shops stock any trail shoes at all...I fear I will never find what I want..must me others that want wide shoes...
  • NB do sell them in the uk 2e but review on them don't look good
  • Tim R2-T2Tim R2-T2 ✭✭✭
    The film flam I was given was that because they're not constructed in the same way as road shoes, there should be enough flexibility in the normal width shoe. Some are wider than others though.

    Have you tried several different makes?
  • Iam just doing that at moment,inov8 295 fit but loose on heal,thought they may rub,but part from that were fine..

    Jut got to goto as many shos as poss! Did think of buying online but suspect loads would have to be sent back..can't risk it
  • Try Cotswold outdoor in Bournemouth, and also now Go Outdoors has opened in Poole, they may have some.

    Cotswold sell Inov8's which i find quite wide (i have wide feet too and am thinking of these for more serious trails) and if you like minimalist shoes then the Merrell trail glove range have a wide toe box.

  • Yep thanks had ah look in cotswold,no joy there..will try go out doors
  • If you manage to find any to fit, guaranteed you'll probably get them cheaper online anyway!

  • Think to actually get any shoes designed as wide fitting you will have to go to the US.  Very few manufacturers, even those who make wide fitting elsewhere will sell them in the UK.

  • It is looking that way! Think that maybe inov8 may have one that will fit me.

    268 rocklites actually fit me even tho they are not men's!...just got to try 295 in a size 8 to see if they are ok...7.5 were a little close to end of shoe..
  • Are 315s for narrow feet?
  • so far its the ladies 269 rocklite...yes ladies have a smaller heal which is good for me,i dont care as long as it fits !


    still not 100% as thinking of something ok for trail and road

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