Van Hire

The large companies are not being very helpful.

I need to be able to collect it from Portsmouth on a Saturday and either return it Sunday (but most branches appear to be closed) or I could take it back to a Leicester branch on Monday.

I've spent over an hour trying to find something on the internet with no joy.



  • i just used a local company.but when i looked there does seem to be fewer of them around taht there used to be......good luck

  • doubt any branches other than airports will be open on a Sunday

  • All the smaller places we've hired from in the past have allowed us to return the van either Saturday late, or Sunday when they've not been there...I don't know Portsmouth, but could give you a couple of numbers for further up the A3 towards PEtersfield/Bordon.

  • I know it's not exactly Portsmouth, but 'Panther' in Chichester used to be good. Haven't used them for a few years though.

  • Does it have to be a van?

    We were going to do this to transport a couple of bikes but the van one way hire had a quite punitive charge to it (Over a hundred I think) but the car (Zafira) we had instead did not charge for one way hire.

    I think that was Enterprise


  • Caz, are you moving on the Saturday ? , if so could you not reverse it, so you go pick up the van from Leicester on Friday night (leaving car there) then drive back to Portsmouth, do move on Saturday, then you are already in Leicester to return van on Saturday ?


  • good thinking bruce........i did that many moons ago when i moved back to wales

  • It's complicated Bruce, and involves Leicester, London and Portsmouth with helpers coming from Essex, London, Hampshire and Wiltshire that all need returning to the correct homes.

    I'm moving furniture, so it has to be a van.  If I could get it in a car then I would just make multiple trips in my car.

    Still looking at options, but thanks for the ideas everyone.

  • Good luck!!

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