Hi (again)

Hi fellow runners (I use that term loosely for myself).

Last week I decided to start running, well jogging, no, jogging and walking again. Am 53 and smoke/drink. My first goal is to be able to jog 5k in under 35 minutes and my first 2 outings have been 43:11 and 40:54. Have chosen a reasonably hilly route mainly because it's quite hilly here and this is the quietest single track road around and do an out and back route that rises and falls a little over 200m.

Will spend a while looking at forum posts and hope to speak with some of you soon.




  • Well done. Don't neglect your rest recovery days. Check out the beginners schedules on the forum. image
  • see if there is a parkrun near you as well http://www.parkrun.org.uk/events/events

    these are free 5k timed runs every saturday for all abilities and may help you achieve your goal!

  • Seems like you are doing well. Going out for your first runs and coverring 5k is quite something. I only ran a mile on my first outing and thought that was a long way. My first run of 2.5 miles - well run walk and I thought no one could possibly want to run this far just to get fit.

    Plenty of smokers run, one of my friends smokes and runs and does really well. She runs marathons and then enjoys a fag.

  • Thanks for the replies image

    PSC, yes, I have more recovery days than running days but hope to build up to 3-4 running days a week and will plan some 'proper' training when/if I manage 5k without walking.

    Max's Mum, nothing on the Isle of Mull (yet) but there seem to be a few runners out and about.

    Bex Hill, thanks, I used to run 5k up to 3 times a week with a LSR at the weekend. Am going to try the LSR again and try and get past my 10k best from last time. And it's strange but when return and get my breath back I really enjoy a fag!

  • Andi McGill 2 wrote (see)
    Max's Mum, nothing on the Isle of Mull (yet) but there seem to be a few runners out and about.

    Shame! image Ooh, maybe you can start your own? They are always looking for people to start new ones - to quote "We have a goal that there will be a parkrun in every village, town or city that wants one. We are excited at the prospect of there being more than one parkrun in your location. We believe that it is everyone’s right to get up on a Saturday and run in a 5km timed event without paying for the pleasure."


    think what you could bring to the community! image

  • Yes, the thought had crossed my mind and even know where I'd like it doing (Aros Park). Maybe I'll see if there is demand sometime but for now I need to make sure I can travel for 5k without walkingimage

  • I got the info pack for Parkrun and will place an ad in the next local (monthly) rag to see if there is any interest. As with all parkruns I guess raising the funds to start will be the 2nd issue with finding enough volunteers the first.

    Went out for a quick 5k run (note: term used loosely) and picked a less hilly route but am guessing the fag 15 minutes before I went out was a mistake. 37:06 and still walking parts as well as a complete stop for cars as it's single track road but just over 4 minutes less than my run 2 days ago. I'll persevere with the same 3*5k/week plan throughout August but if I don't get the time down under 32:30 I'll rethink my training plan (or actualy start one).

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