Mega tight calf!!

Hi all...

After & during any run I do my right calf goes solid. The only thing I can do to help this problem is try and stretch it out. This feels fine for about two minutes then the calf muscle goes back to being soild. I dosent seem to matter how many stretches I do pre or post run this just wont go away!! Any advice would be appreciated....


  • Try a sports massage Raspberry
  • And/or a foam roller.

  • Yep, sports massage (if you get someone who can do some good trigger point work that might help too, if you can stand having things jabbed into the tight painful bits of your calf!) , and loads of stretching - not just pre or post run but during the day as well.

    Foam rollers are good but I find a tennis ball more effective for calves as it can be hard to get enough pressure on the tight spots with a foam roller - I find it approximately 20 times more painful than foam rolling though, so be warned!

  • Tried the tennis ball and it has helped a little, my calf doesn't seem to be so tight now. There are some good videos on YouTube about using a tennis ball so thank you once again....
  • hi, my calf is that tight that its now pulling on my shin. All i ever seem to do is stretch. that is even waiting for bus, watching tv, at work while cleaning. Iv been told tennis ball last week from my physio but still no diffrence. He also gave me sprorts massage and said i do have major issues with it but i can only afford see him once a month.

    At the mo im worrid as got a half in 12 days then kilomarathon 4 weeks after that. Any more tips i may find useful could help me. Im planning after 4 mile on mon im just going strtch till race day  in hope I be ok to get round the course.

    going look on you tube later on i think as never thought of that.

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