Another hypothetical question



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  • I prefer puppies image


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    So much for the serious discussion then!



     I think Man Melons is a far better term than moobs. 


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    Or gentleman jugs.


  • Boy balloons?


  • Once I read somewhere of how in cultures where being naked or semi-naked is or was the norm, what is appropiate interms of sexual or non-sexual behaviour is purely contextual and more openly discussed. After all if she is alway topless and he only ever wears a loin cloth how do you know if the other wants sex, the washing done, or dinner?. I would even go as far as to suggest the reasons for wearing clothes is in part to reduce such confusion.

    We all know though that clearly this has not worked.

    Thats why it could to talk.

    Ask its only politeimage

  • A nice pair of tits





     A couple of bangers. 


    Googling "hooters" wasn't such a good idea!

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    Baps! image

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