Mens Tri - Tuesday 7th August 1130am



  • Oooh two big screens and not too far from the wet stuff
  • The enclosure for Process Di fountain has very good view of swim course and transition, that's me sorted for a bit
  • We're at the road opposite serpentine gallery near where u are and up from the bridge...
  • For thos of us hard of looking, what is the plan for Tuesday?

  • Same as it was on Saturday as above

    If you look at the Tri Course map you will see an 'out and back' on the run route to the left by West Carriage Drive, this is also on the bike course
    We will be by the ramp covering the 'raised pedestrian walkway'  on the return (the clue is the big sign) opposite the Serpentine Gallery on the other side of the road, ie: the Diana Fountain side!

  • Pleasure

    and NO you cant wear Black n Yeller  imageimage

  • I'll be there - thanks Meldy.  Looking for red white and blue stuff to wear. image

  • Found the spot on the map - but what time do we need to be there by? I'm sure I've seen this somewhere but cba to look back. I'll try and get some olympic cup cakes if someone will induge me on what time to get there for. 



  • Ta Cat. 

  • Race starts at 11:30, but I'll be following her Meldyness's lead and aiming to get there for 9:30-ish.  Shortest at the front, tallest at the back.

  • ohhhh just realised my diary could be emptied for tomorrow, hope to be joining you all....

  • Was there on Saturday and as usual mustering the troops to get up early enough to get a reasonable view proved as hard as ever. We finally reached Hyde Park as 8.15am. Bloody hell there were a lot of people youngest, being short in stature, missed out on seeing the swim as we were in row z of the standing masses.

    So we moved over to the road side and watched the girls whizz by 7 times this cheered the little one up abit. We were next to the huge screen so settled there to watch the run, alongside of the Swiss Olympic drinking team which added to the entertainment. image

    Only downside was the hugely inflated prices of a coule of bacon rolls and the emensly expensive stuff in the pop-up shop. image

    My advise to anyone going on Tuesday is get there early, my wife and children are going back up for the men's tri but are leaving loads earlier, I unfortunately have to workimage

  • I will be there...early!!

  • My train doesnt get in to M'bone til just before nine so I shall expect the advance party to take up the spots!

    We decided against watching the swim start and there was masses of space by the barriers   image

  • FerrousFerret wrote (see)

    Race starts at 11:30, but I'll be following her Meldyness's lead and aiming to get there for 9:30-ish.  Shortest at the front, tallest at the back.

    Thats me at the front then!!!  Will there be any Pirate identification there just so I get the right place.  have a ticket for the BT Live at Hyde park too

  • Dooz... just look for the 'raised pedestrian crossing' sign opposite the Serpie Gallery and stay there and save enough space for 20 people  image

  • I'm coming.

  • Tomorrow that is-South Ken best station to get off?

  • South Ken or Knightsbridge depending on if you want to see where the swimmy bit is

  • What do you recommend?

  • Personally you wont see much at the swim start but you will see a helluva lot more on the bike/run course

    I apologise for bringing my friend with me tomorrow ... she is a bit mad image

  • What!  You have a friend?  not fussed about the swim so I spose it's SK.

  • Not the Loon?

  • Yes ... several worlds will be colliding!

    She's ok tho, she's done a triathlon before  image

  • I've thought about it, does that count? image

  • jelly bean wrote (see)

    I've thought about it, does that count? image

    Lanza 2013 then! The bike should be easy after your Chiltern detour.

    Are we meeting to the left of West Carriage Dr?

  • Is it easier to get to than Wales? image

  • It's quiet here at the moment
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