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I have an old pair of basic Adidas running shoes that I've had for probably 7 years (though not been using them constantly over that period), I ran a 1/2 marathon in them in March and decided to get some new ones

I went to a specialist shop, had a gait analysis done and ended up getting some Asics Cumulus 13's. They felt really comfy on the treadmill in the shop but I've now found that after 3 or 4 miles my middle toes in my right foot get sore. They're definitely big enough and my toes have plenty of room to move.

They ended up being to uncomfortable to use so I've gone back to my old Adidas

Does anyone have any advice to what's causing this? Anything I can do to make the Asics work for me? Are they just not the right shoe for me or perhaps I need to just persevere with them to break them in

I do use some running socks with them, nothing fancy just the Karrimor ones from sports direct


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    it's always a problem trying a shoe in the shop which seems OK but then disappoints or causes problems on a long road run.   

    if you haven't put many miles under them, the shop "might" replace them so my suggestion is to discuss it with the shop first

    the Cumulus is a neutral shoe, so you could try the Asics Nimbus as an alternative.  but many other brands have neutral shoes as well so maybe something like Saucony or Mizuno might feel better underfoot.  I wear neutral shoes and get on with the Nimbus fine - I have in the past tried Brooks and New Balance but they never felt as good so I went back to Asics.

    it can be a bit like finding a decent bike saddle - you need to try a few brands before you find one you're happy with.


  • What kind of sore is it, skin rubbing surface sore or inside the toes themselves sore?

  • Sock problem? Try a different make
  • The soreness is inside the toes rather than rubbing on the skin

  • If it was both feet that were hurting, I'd say the shoes just aren't suitable for you. But as it's just one, I wonder if it's maybe an early warning of a potential problem with that foot? A tightness of the muscles that you don't notice in the Adidas as the soles are less flexible maybe?

    I've run in Cumulus's for years and I've always found them very easy shoes. As in, they don't tend to need any 'wearing in' and I'd be happy to take them straight out the box and go for a 60-90 minute run in them. Obviously other people will have different experiences with them, but if I were you I don't think I'd just persevere and try to wear them in.

    Maybe you could try some foot stretching and self massage. Rolling your feet over a tennis ball can highlight tight/tender spots you didn't know existed and help to ease them off. Just an idea. Not saying it'll work, I'm just guessing, but personally I'd think it's worth a try. Won't do any harm anyway!


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