Soggy toes after run

Hi everyone

after a long run, my toes look disgusting. White and soft and I could pull skin right off... not unlike a ultra long bath I suppose... 

Should I be wearing different socks? (I do have special running socks) do I just put up with the soggy toes? does anyone have a tip for me?



  • I haven't had this after running but I do a lot of high altitude trekking and climbing/mountaineering.  I found I got something similar after wearing my boots for a over a week.

    I changed to a better brand of sock with a inbuilt wicking liner.  Maybe changing your socks to a full wicking set may help?  Also my new boots have a B3 rating which means that its a fully stiffened boot which doesn't move or bend.  Following that logic through, maybe you need a new shoe fitting?

    Not sure how much help that was image


  • Also worth reading up on Athlete's Foot, sounds like you may be harbouring it?

  • try putting a bit of talc in your socks - help to keep your feet dry.
  • Ballesteros: Athlete's foot has crossed my mind, but in non-running mode my feet are fine and I showed them to a pharmacist just to check. Thanks for the tip though...

    The older I get: talc is a good idea... I will try that

    Ian: yes, your comment was helpful - thanks! I will go back to an older sock tonight and see how my toes look after.

  • Just wondering whether my shoes are a bit short? I do wear them a half size bigger than my daytime shoes... ?

  • I hope you're not wearing Goretex shoes. Mine got like that a time or two when hiking Offa's Dyke this July. Only on days with a lot of dampness and Goretex shoes though.

  • Hey Steve

    thanks for your comment... no, no Goretex shoes here. I've been to have my feet checked out by a "foot person", who removed quite a bit of dead skin and it's a bit better actually. Going for a long one tonight, so I'll see... 

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