Damn calves!

Hi, I started running about 3months ago and for a while I progressed ok, if perhaps a little too enthusiastically! Then I started to develop calf pain in my right leg only, so I went to a recommended sports shop and got my gait analysed and appropriate shoes fitted. These seemed to help a little but the pain didn't really get any better, and I just powered on hoping my legs would get stronger. Eventually I made a physio appointment for some advice and he said that I was likely developing shin splints from doing too much too soon (3classes, and 3runs a week- probably!), as well as suffering from overpronation. He didn't tell me to stop running which I was quite surprised at (having done a fair amount of research myself) but suggested I needed orthotics and said the shoes I'd been fitted with weren't supportive enough. As well as reccommending stretching more fully/regularly. 

I was going on holiday at this point so decided to take some time off to let my legs recover. I was away for 3weeks and didn't run at all during that time, but did lots of walking,stretching. 

When I returned I decided to do some cross-training to strengthen my muscles before I threw myself back into running- not on anyones advice, just my own thinking. However, despite my legs feeling much better whilst I was away and the pain disappearing I have only done one Pump class and 2 cross-training sessions before my right leg started aching whilst sitting at my desk at work today. 

So, questions:

1. Any tips as to how I can get back into running as I really enjoyed it when I was doing well and I would love to progress properly!

2. Do you think I should seek a second opinion other than my physio? I want to trust his experience in his profession but the fact that he says I was fitted with the wrong shoes and that he didn't tell me to stop running with shin splints make me sceptical, perhaps wrongly! Maybe the sportshop were mistaken with their analysis. 

Any other advice greatly appreciated image Thanks, Beki 


  • you could try a foam roller massage on the IT band on that side? i had troubles with one calf muscle having pain on the outside edge and shooting pains. someone suggested foam roller massage and it has worked. the pains have gone within 2 weeks

    Do you drive? I only ask as I had problems with my right calf always aching when transitioning to barefoot shoes. couldnt understand why it was just my right calf, then while driving one day realised how much i used my left calf on the clutch pedal, and how much more of a workout my left calf got as a result! started doing calf raises on left leg only and more stretching, and the ache went within a couple weeks.(don't know if that was the problem but it seemed to work)

    just a couple of suggestions. Where on the calf is the pain?


  • i have pain in my left half and been told its because my knee doesnt fall over my foot like it should but to the side. Iv been told to make sure my calf is always well stretched before and after runs and never run without a knee support on or skins on to try and keep my knee in alignment. Did 12,5 yesterday and used my massage rolling pin after to and seem ok today. i picked mine up for £1 in john lewis sale, didnt know you could get something so cheap from that shop. lol

  • sounds like you may have found the problem then? fingers crossed image

  • Thanks for the replies guys! image

    My physio says that my right foot sticks out an angle when I walk/run which combined with my over-pronation puts extra strain on the muscle. 

    I'd read about foam rolling so I will definitely look into that if you say it helps! I've just bought some compression sleeves too as they were reccomended by other runners as helping with calf pain, both during workout and aiding recovery. I've not been for a run with them yet- does anyone else use them? 

    I do indeed drive, and I have noticed that the pain does increase when driving and sitting still at my desk too. I am stretching more so will try and keep that up and see if it makes a difference. 

    The pain is on my right leg down the inside, where the shin bone joins the calf muscle. 

  • I am stupid! image

    i didnt read properly and just thought that lisa's reply above was from BekiC, D'oh!

    so disregard my last statement.

    Beki, if its at the top of the shin don't forget that a lot of the thigh muscles connect at the top of the shin bone on the inside so it could also be an inner thigh muscle problem.

  • Thanks, that's something I hadn't thought of. I guess I just need to work on generally strengthening my leg muscles. 

    And will look into getting a foam roller...Any tips for where to get one? (Apart from John Lewis- will have a look there!)

  • Hmm, not sure where the best place is, i was lucky and borrowed one from someone at parkrun, but i think you can get them from amazon

    the one i borrowed is quite big, about 6" diam and about 3' long

  • Ok, I'll do some research and see what I can find image Would love to just be able to get on with running without worrying about doing myself some serious long-term damage!

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