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Can someone tell me what the differents is between the Shimano ultegra and the Shimano 105 ?


  • Letters and numbers


  • weight and precision of engineering and therefore cost.  Highly unlikely that we would notice the difference in the first two.image

  • 105 is what i got, ultegra is what i cant afford

    and by the title of this thread i was expecting the latest bike to human communication device - a la Knightrider

  • "Michael, you're not pedalling hard enough..."


  • And on a sensible note... if you have to ask, you won't notice - get the 105 and save your moneyimage

  • If cost is at all a factor id say get the 105, I have had mix of 105 & Ultegra on my road bike vs Dura Ace on my tri bike, I honestly cant tell any difference between any of them, even when components are older and more worn you hardly notice.

    What is a factor for me now is that im toying with changing the cassette on my tri bike to a easier range (12-25, maybe 27 instead of the 11-23), its about £120 for just a cassette.  I guess im more cost sensative now than I once was, especially as im not aware of the difference, that said im not going to put Ultegra or 105 cassette on a Dura Ace groupset so ill just have to swallow the cost.

  • Surpised no one has come in and said buy sram or campag yet..........

  • Kitt had a P1, a P2, a P3 AND a P4? Even Barlos doesn't have that.

  • And a boardman Air

  • So he has a normal cruise and auto cruise.

    So if he had a Tom Cruise, would that be a whore detector?image

  • I think Ultegra is just a TAD slicker but it might just be imagination. DA a tad slicker still

  • and all that slickness and weight saving doesnt mean a thing if you dont have a dump before your race  image

  • ...and it means even less if you have to have a dump DURING the race! image

  • Dustboy wrote (see)

    Kitt had a P1, a P2, a P3 AND a P4? Even Barlos doesn't have that.

    Even KITT isn't cool enough for a P5.

    I have DA/105 on my parts-bin road bike. It all does the job. I have SRAM on the TT, and the local neighbourhood knows when I've changed gear.

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