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I started running in 2006 as a dare which at nottingham half in 2010 i made a deal with my son  it be my last race for a year. This race i did 2hour 4min. A year off became 20 months due to personal circumstances and no race to focus on meant no training. 3 month ago i entered this year robinhood and london kilomarathon, so training commence.

Iv always had a dream of doing under 2 hour half but never happened even though i can do 10km in about 54mins back then. in last 2 weeks iv knocked 5 mins off a 12m run. yesterday i did 12.5m in 2hour 11. does anyone think its possible to do half in 2 hours with only 9 weeks till race day and if so tips on how.

At mo in my head im thinking stay behind 2 hour pace maker for as long as possible as usually start off fast so i not be in others way.


  • You need to knock 1m20s per mile off your current 12.5m time - that's significantly quicker.

    Presumably you have a proper training schedule to help you with this?

  • iv been doing speed work when go sweat shop running community but as of tomz im planning work out how long i can go fast for then recover over 10km distance. knocking 5 min in two weeks i must be doing something right but not sure what. I also seem run faster when got people to chase than being on my own as have a focus.

    Iv never had a training plan except the one i make up my self which is short run mon at running club monday long run every 2 weeks and whatever training i can get in as personal life hectic and making sure got child care etc. i need to get a plan if im going run spring marathon though

  • Assuming your new 12M time was 2h05m for argument's sake, and your previous 12M time was 2h10m you only knocked 24s per mile off.  So, while it does count for something, knocking another 1m20s off per mile for 13 miles is different gravy.

    You need to get a plan.  You should have had one at least four weeks ago, though.  One long run every two weeks and a short run every Monday isn't going to get you there.

  • I'm running in between to when I can get out but a six week holiday don't help. Got 10km race next week. Ran 3 times this week so far unfortunately one was to hospital as my dad had come off bike. So that was 8min mile run to be with him. Got kilomarathon in Oct to.

    By sound of it then case of just get round course this year and look to do it next year
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    As intermanaut has said, your attempting a significant improvement in your speed to achieve sub 2 hours.  With 9 weeks to go before the event, it is going to be very difficult to achieve this for the half marathon distance.  This isn't a lot of time to make a big improvement over a short distance (e.g. 5k) and you have the added complication of trying to increase speed and endurance to maintain this higher pace for 13 miles.

    If you are to achieve the sub-2hr time, I think you need a structured training plan that includes speed & distance training.  You will also need to commit a greater percentage of your free time than your current training suggests.  

    Only you can answer whether you are able to do this.

  • No, don't aim to just get around, aim to do the best you can, but don't be put off if you don't make sub-two hours.

    Get a programme - it's vital.  If you're Android or iPhone-enabled have a look at

  • Windows phone. Well told my sister want do less than 2.20 but b very happy with 215. then go for it next year when I will if had training fir spring full under my belt.
  • Windows phone.  Unlucky.  Have a look at Endomondo. Don't underestimate how useful and motivational such apps can be.

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