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  • Parallel parking. I once got a round of applause from a queue of people waiting to get in to an Edinburgh Festival show, after parking outside in a particularly tight spot. Actually, on reflection, I should have told them it was performance art and passed a hat round.
  • I'm good at organising night in the dark...........favorite night at youth club........also rainbow maze..........a game taken off crystal mazeimage

  • Cat cuddling image

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    When I was a kid I used to be good at balancing a large pile of (big, old) pennies on my elbow, then whipping my arm down and catching the pennies.

    I shall have a go at that later!

    I'm pretty good at avoiding doing what I'm supposed to be doing and posting on the forum istead image

    Wow I haven't done that in yearsimage....I must have a go later

  • I am very good at turning previously tidy rooms into monuments to untidiness. It's not just a natural gift, I have put in a lot of practice as well.

  • Monty39Monty39 ✭✭✭

    My missus wins the Gold medal for "Most Handbags in the dining room"  13 !!

    And i once found 11 pairs of shoes in her lounge before we moved in together.

  • Child juggling and general circus acrobatic involving a 4yo.

    I can also peel an Orange in a single piece, so, when laid out flat, the peel resembles a dimpled Orange cock and balls.
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