Umbilical hernia

I could not find much information about training after an umbilical hernia so here is my experience.

Pre-op I did not have a problem at all and I only had the op as a pre-emptive strike to prevent future problems, perhaps when I was older and less fit. I needed full knockout as bizarelly I was quite fit and therefore my stomach muscles were tight and would have caused problems with only a local. I am 55, 13st 3 and 21% bf.

My op was in the evening and I stayed in overnight. I was tired and my stomach was very stiff for 36 hours. Sleeping was manageable. After 48 hours I did a 1 mile walk (~45 mins so very slowly) and I was dog-tired afterwards. In fact post-op tiredness was my major problem as that lasted about 5 days.

I was walking 2-3 miles within a week and could have done more if I had wanted. The recovery period before exercise (golf/running etc) was 5-6 weeks and then take it easy. The surgeon who was a golfer himself suggested trying a 7 iron out after 3 weeks.  The following is what I did and is not a recommendation.

2 weeks after the op I jogged 1k on the treadmill at about 10m/k pace. Very easy and it did feel a bit sure. I did that for 3 consecutive days and I had also been on the practise pitch and hit a few wedges etc which went well as I had slowed my swing down which helped).

15 days post/op I went in the pool but could not get myself to actually swim as I was frightened of opening up. 17 days p/o I did the breast-stroke for a few lengths but the crawl made my stomach feel tight. The scar had healed very well by then but the surrounding stomach area was still swollen and it still is 3 1/2 weeks later on.

After 3 days of 1K running I did  a 2K and then a 3k at slightly faster pace (8m/k). I was then swimming 1000m using breast stroke and then moved onto crawl with no problems.

After 3 weeks I had played 2 9 holes of golf with no problems but I did feel tired afterwards. I then ran 5K a day for 4 days knocking 30 secs per K off my pace each day and have also played a full round of golf.

After any form of exercise (5Krun, golf, swim) my stomach feels odd - not painful but tight but it doesn't seem to be a problem. I will stay like this for a couple of weeks, doing easy, shortish running, some golf and some swimming.

All in all it took more out of me than I thought but it was invasive surgery, however  the recovery period is less than was advised.

I hope that helps anybody else who is contemplating such surgery.

PS I know the groin hernia operation is more serious and I would not recommend the same approach after that operation.





  • i waited 4 weeks after my op(same as yours)and i've had no problems with mine. 

  • Is this op mending an "Outie"?

  • I've just had an op where my abdominal muscles were cut like in a caesarean op. Was this the case for you, I was under the impression that hernia ops were repairing and joining muscles without cutting them. Thanks


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