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I bought a copy of 220 Triathlon magazine last weekend and it had a really useful CD-Rom on it which outlined the basics of triathlon and stuff. I thought - what a good idea. I've just bought a bike - OK, it's a softy commuter type bike but what the hell. I've been running for about 6 months or so. What's stopping me from entering a novice event? Well, swimming. I haven't been swimming in ages so I thought I'd investigate our local pool and go for a splash today, until I found out how much it cost.

Nearly £4. I can't afford that, not regularly anyway. At least once you've got running shoes and a bike you haven't got to pay every time you go out....

Any ideas on how I can get swimming training without having to pay through the nose for it??


  • can you a monthyly or quarterly pass as they usually work out quite cheaply if you swim 3-4 times a week

    or join a tri club and see if they have subsidised pool sessions
  • My (local council) gym membership gets me free use of all the local pools as well - are you a gym bunny too?
  • Joining a swimming club is normally much cheaper too.
  • Find yourself a local tri club who do swim sessions. they are usually cheaper and more accomadating to beginner/improvers than swim clubs they may even have a coach who will help you as part of a normal session which means no extra cost for lessons.
  • My gym doesn't have a pool, and my local pool monthly fee is more than my gym membership!

    I might look into a local tri club, but I'll get better on the bike first - see if I *really* want to give it a go...
  • I've changed my name from Tweety to Charlie by the way...
  • charlie - look around at other pools, local council pool to me is about 2 quid a go, but very hot and overcrowded, the other local pool which i use regularly ,as its less crowded and colder, you have to be a member of, but only about 40quid a year, then 2.50 a time to swim or gym.(although less for me as i am a student) ask around anyone you know who swims, they should be able to help.
  • Thanks Moosey, I'll investigate
  • MCBP - I've not long long Serpentine (Serpie) Tri who do various swim training sessions, all on their website incl email groups.

  • THanks guys. I've emailed Sevenoaks Tri club to see whether they think it's worth me joining - after all I am REALLY slow. (wouldn't want to embarrass myself)

    I'll let you know what happens...
  • Charlie - wouldn't worry about that, I've been in tri 10 years and still finish towards the back!
  • go for it. I used to train with sevenoaks until it became awkward to arrange my time (i still would if i could) and they will help you out. don't worry about slow they've got all sorts and I believe they have a coach at some sessions as well. If you haven't found out already they were training tues 8:30 fris 8:00 and sun 6:30 at sevenoaks pool. that may have changed but i don't think so. it is surprising how much you will improve with a little structured training. good luck.
  • I Never manage a top half finish either - I just enjoy - thats the beauty of TRI

  • THanks for all the encouragement guys. It's really nice. I was quite worried about being the slowest, but I shan't worry so much now! I'm going to go to swim training tonight (hopefully)

  • good luck people I am hoping for rain, I like rain. Planning to go off fast (for me) to pace a friend around the first 10 miles or so, just to stop him from going too hard to start. I want to do 8 min mls for as long as possible up to 10/13mls to keep him slow(easy pace for him hard for me) then I plan to die like a dog and grovel in under 4hrs. We shall see. met office is now saying sun/cloud 18c and 20mph southerly for Manston. I will be the fat one with the white t shirt, long black shorts (to stop my thighs rubbing) and brand new asics nimbus(probably hobbling from blisters as I haven't worn them yet) and probably crawling from half way onwards.
  • sorry posted that in the wrong forum not thinking straight already
  • Make sure the pool is a decent one! I used my gym's pool. Imagine preparing for an ironman by swimming non-stop for an hour and a a 15 metre pool!

    A very dizzy BB.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    hahaha yes my gym is the same bb - 15m. great for practising tumble-turns only!
    Endurance Coach @
    Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner
  • At least I'd be able to manage a whole length!
  • I went to Tonbridge Pool this morning. I think I need to work on my technique, my breathing, and my fitness. Other than that it went fine!!!
  • sevenoaks is a 25 mtr pool but the tri club go to a localish lake for open water sessions
  • I think the lake they train at in the summer is actually closer to me than Sevenoaks pool. I think I'll work on my basic training on my own for a while, and then join the club.

    I find cycling on the roads quite nerve wracking. I get really tense when the cars go past. I think I need loads more practice...
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