Changing from Micoach half marathon to Garmin 610

Hope someone can help.  I have a half marathon on 30th September and have been using a 6 day per week Finish Faster Micoach app on my phone for training.  I am on session 64/119.  I recently ran a 10k in 46 mins. Last week's mileage was 23 miles.  I decided to buy a Garmin 610 to have more control over my training.  The phone app is ok but just talks about zones - Blue, Green, Yellow or Red.  Do be honest, I am not sure what the sessions actually are - some are tempo and some are interval but it seems very random.  I don't even know if a taper is built into the programme.


The 610 is arriving on Monday.  Could anyone give me some advice on how I should organise my training just using the 610?  Is there a training programme I can download so I can start it part way through?  


  • Carry on with the Micoach programme but set it up in Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center.

    Did you do the Micoach Assessment Workout?  If you didn't your zones might be wrong.

  • I did an assessment a few weeks ago.  The green zone is fine and I generally manage the bottom end of the yellow zone ok.  Most of my runs I score around 80-85% so I am keeping within the zones for the duration.  What do you think of the Micoach programme?  Does it include a taper?

  • How exactly do you set up the micoach programme in Garmin Connect?

  • Set up workouts and add them to your GC calendar.

  • So you can' t download the micoach schedule and import it into Garmin Connect?

  • No, unfortunately not - it's a manual process.

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