Friday again

friday, it's 5 o'clock, it's not Crackerjack, but it does mean my weekend's started. image

I was supposed to be out to ringing tonight, but they've decided to cancel and watch the lympics on the TV. I may well indulge as well, with a mildly alcofrolic drink to make the thing go with a swing.

Then I have a library book to return (because my life's nothing but rock'n'roll) and a weekend of gardening (presuming the weather holds). And maybe a sneaky sit down in front of the TV to watch some sport.

So what's going on at yours this weekend? 


  • I have been swimming image Despite the session being designated as 'lane swimming' two boys got in and started splashing around and generally getting in the way. A few lengths of torpedoing straight at them soon sorted things image

    I've also been raspberry scrumping and will be making trifle image

    Tomorrow I'm off dahn sarf to visit my parents. I may also do a spot of Olympic-watching. I do believe this makes me an Olympian image

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