Problem with Asics 2170 being longer than 2160?

Hello! new to forum - have an issue with my new trainers and wondered if anyone had experienced similar.

I loved my Asics GT 2160 - most comfortable shoes ever, except my toes went through the top really quickly.They fitted me perfectly.

I bought the 2170s expecting much the same as the 2160 but found them to be huge. Considerably larger (longer and wider) than the earlier model despite being labelled the same size.Totally unwearable and so they must go back. I bought them online as I assumed being the same company and next model up there would be minimal difference in size and shape. I now have to pay for their return (that I cant afford at the minute - shoes bought with birthday voucher)

There was nothing in the online description suggesting there was any change to the sizing and the shop claim to have spoken with Asics who also say there is no change to size.

I was wondering if anyone else had found this to be the case for them?


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