best gps battery life watch

hi all,

can anyone please recommend a gps watch that has a battery life (in gps mode) that will get me round an ultra.

my garmin lasts 5hrs, my soleus lasts 8hrs, its not quite enough, i could do with one that lasts me at least 12hrs if there is such a product.

will appreciate any advice on this





  • Pretty much best around I think is the Suunto Ambit. Has 15 hours with GPS tracking every 1's, and up to something like 30 hours with GPS tracking every 10's. With no GPS will last for about a mounth. Bit pricey though at about ??400.
  • garmin 910xt lasts 20 hrs.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Garmin 310xt has a claimed life of 20 hours. About £200 if you shop around.

  • Forerunner 305 has 8 hours life, and forerunner 101 (non rechargeable) has over 20 hours on new batteries, it is a pain on an ultra if you want to download though

  • there's a new garmin coming out in the autumn too Fenix, might be worth a look at!

  • thanks for all responses

    will def look at the suunto and the new garmin fenix




  • My Garmin Foretrex lasts about 16 hours on a pair of AAA's (high capacity NiMH).

  • I run ultras with an old Garmin 405 (battery life now 6hrs max) and a small Duracell USB battery pack. You charge it up from your PC and then plug your Garmin charging clip into it. Works great! It's small enough to hold in your hand while running and re-charge on the go. Only drawback is that for the 45mins that the Garmin's charging, you can't read the on-screen bumf about time and pace etc, as the screen just shows 'Charging' but as I'm using it mostly to just record my stats and not to actually pace myself by them, it works fine for me.I was thinking of splashing out on a 910xt but this option only cost me £7 instead of £350+. Just mentioning as you said you already have a Garmin...

    A fellow ultra runner mentioned something to me t'other day about one of the Suunto watches that only takes a GPS fix every minute, so has a GPS battery life of days. Only gives average pace not current pace, but that's probably enough for most ultra people.

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