Feels like a 'twanging' at the back of my knee!

Hi There Fellow Runners!

I need some advice but due to my lack of knowledge of the human anatomy I'm finding it difficult to even describe my symptoms!

I think its either a ligament or tendon at the back of my knee, possibly what links my hamstring with the inside of the knee? In a seating position, this tendon/ligament is towards the inside leg and almost makes a right angle triangle join between the upper & lower parts of my knee.

Well anyway, the problem started whilst training for a 1/2 marathon earlier in the year but was intermittent to begin with - I found knee supports helped and the discomfort would fade after the 1st km or so. I ran the 1/2 marathon fine and was ok for the 1st few weeks after. However the problem became more frequent and over the past 2 weeks it has now become constant every time I run.

Its not a painful sensation but its certainly uncomfortable and is more offputting than anything. The only way I can describe it is a clicking or twanging of this muscle. I went for a run last night and after 2km of constant twanging I had to stop - this morning I can feel it twanging when I walk!

Any ideas people? The thought of being unable to run, even for a few weeks depresses me so looking to pinpoint the problem and get treatment ASAP!

Thanks in advance!





  • I am getting something similar but it's more inside my knee like something clicking / catching.  Knee bandage definately helping, but as you say it's off putting!  Sorry don't know more than that!

  • Hi Lucienne

    I got some advice from a friend which allowed me to do some research - I've been reading up on IT Band Syndrome which seems to have the closest set of symptoms to what I'm experiencing. See article below:


    I used a rolled up knee support to act as an IT compression band and went for a 6km run - hasnt stopped the sensation entirely but certainly allowed me to enjoy the run a bit more. Going to buy a proper compresion band and see how I get on!

  • i have what sounds very similar, i just got it all of a sudden. my knee is painful and when i walk i need to click it but it is a powerful and painful click otherwise my knee feels spongy. it is painful to kick my leg out and walk on it. i havent banged it so i can not think what i have done. i have been running for years and have never had this, i am panicking that i will never run or cycle again!!!!!!!

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