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I have been thinking about getting a new bike I dont want a full on TT bike and have  seen an aero frame bike which is a flet AR5. does anyone have one or would like to share there thoughts on this bike


  • Have you tried it? it really does not matter what other say about a bike, if it does not fir you or your style then it is no good buying it. Many time i've seen people say " bike x is nice but when i tried it just felt wrong and i ended with bike z". It looks a nice bike though.

  • I have a TT bike for sale image
  • Im not after a TT bike Iron Rose
  • xxxpancho wrote (see)
    Im looking at purchaseing a new tt bike and would like to get your views on the following bike Trek speed concept 2.5 Specialized shiv elite Cannondale slice 105

    If you're looking at spending that sort of money, I'd suggest you make your mind up! image

  • Yes the engineer ive eliminated the idea of getting a full on tt bikes im

    looking for a more aero frame road bike. Went to see a cervelo S2
  • Not after a TT bike Iron Rose
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