Accommodation for Boston Marathon

I have managed to get a qualifying time for the BostonMarathon next year (only just) so am hoping it is enough to get me a place for 2013. I was just wondering if anyone had some recommendations of hotels/ apartments to stay in at a reasonable (ish) price? I have looked at the sports tours packages but at nearly £3k for two of us for 4 days it is a bit more than I was hoping. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Stayed here - 5 mins walk from T-line metro, 10 mins ride to downtown Boston. Trains begin early enough to get to buses for Hopkinton on race day.

  • I'm in the same boat Hayley, Can't believe how expensive the hotels are and how quickly they are selling out!

  • Looks expensive but hoping I get in on Wednesday image


  • I think we stayed at the Hilton this year but I went with a travel company. Boston at marathon time isn't cheap for hotels or flights I have to say but worth every penny image 

  • I have booked hotel and flights now so seriously hope I get in! Pretty good flight and hotel deals through British Airways website.

  • I haven't used it myself, but all of my US friends have been talking about airbnb recently. Accomodation in private homes rather than hotels, but might be an avenue to  explore.

  • I stayed AirBnB this year and it was ok. In 2013 going out with two pals so we've rented an apartment via VRBO. Whole trip costing under ??900 and staying in a great part of town near the Common (and buses). Brookline last year was fine as T is quick into town.
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