ankle pain

new to running and training for half marathon in october. been running twice a week today my ankle started hurting on a run i havent twisted it but had to stop my run. it now hurts to walk on it why is this i. do all my stretches before and have good running shoes. Also october isnt faraway am currently doing 5miles am i going to be ready in time to do 13!


  • The best thing to do is rest it for a few days and return to running when you can walk on it without pain (it will get worse if you run on it) - you've got enough time but make sure ankle gets a rest (cycle instead to maintain fitness)

    when you start running again try walk/running (2min walk/2min run) and build up - no pain then focus your attention on the HM in october

    Be patient, you'll be fine


  • thanks 


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