I started out running last year and was doing ok, however just before Christmas I became ill and haven't been able to run since. I go into hospital at the end of august for major abdominal surgery which sort the problem out once and for all. The problem is I'm going stir crazy not being able to do any exercise. It can sometimes be so bad that i can't walk to the end of street and I've had to give my beloved yoga.

I'm being told that it can take between 8 weeks and 12 months (!) to be fully recovered but I definitely can't wait 12 months to get back into exercise. How long do you recommend waiting before starting out again?


  • That very much depends on what you're having done, why, and what your recovery is like. Without knowing that - the latter of which can't really be predicted - it's impossible to say.

    Good luck with everything image 

  • I'm having a Hysterectomy.

  • Assuming that the surgery is straightforward, then I can't see why it would take 12 months to get back to exercising. I'm fairly certain there'll be people on here who have had a hysterectomy and can comment on their recovery and return to running/exercise. Maybe start a new thread specifically asking for people who've had such surgery to comment? The title will draw the right people in image

  • Great. Thanks.

  • I had one about 20 years ago and the advise then was nothing strenuous for 6 weeks.  I was able to complete a walking marathon at a fairly decent pace 4 months post op although I found it a bit more tiring than I had on previous years.   I was fully recovered by 6 months and felt much better than I had for years.

    It could be that what was meant was the time it takes to feel the full benefit of a hysterectomy rather than  the time you need to refrain from exercise.

  • I've since had my op and I've been advised that I can start gentle exercise (yoga and swimming) after 6 weeks and running after 3 months providing that I heal well.

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