I'm looking for a flat half marathon. I'm not the fittest and run 10k in about 60 mins and want to do a half in my 40th year so would like to make a weekend of it! DOES ANY ONE KNOW OF A HALF IN EUROPE ON THE 17th/16th FEB (I'm a teacher and half term means I can run and eat AND drink for a weekend!) As always, really appreciate your advice. P.


  • Valencia on the 21st October (I think) is a flat course. It's a nice enough place too with a beach and the home of paella. Good luck with the half marathon,
  • Sorry, didn't read the post properly re the date. Hope it goes well anyway.

    Barcelona? Verona? * filtered for food -value....*

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've heard great things about Barcelona... But ATM has the link that's was going to share. If you know of a country you want to run in - I google that + half marathon and you might get some local races.
  • Barcelona does look good; long weekend, food, football, architecture... And a race!
  • I did Berlin half on 1 April this year, it was briliant and very flat, great organisation for number pick up at Expo on the Saturday and post race too.  Easyjet out and back with transport links into the Centre of Berlin - the whole weekend was trouble free and most of all a brilliant half marathon.  link via SCC Events.

  • Out of interest have many of you had to get a medical certificate for European half marathons. I am doing Paris HM next year and contemplating Berlin HM too but need to provide medical certificates for both which is a bit of a pain

  • Any race in France will require a med cert.

    I understand that some people fake a letter from a doctor, scribble a signature on the bottom, and submit that.  So I'm told. image

    Some French races were accepting Englang Athletics competition licences, but now that they don't have a date on them any more they are being turned down again image

    Amsterdam didn't require a med cert.

  • To the OP - have a look at  It lists squillions of races in France throughout the year.

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