Anyone else disappointed with the magazines recent content?

I got a subscription of runners world in march because the march issue was inspiring but since then, I have been very disappointed with the content mainly because there are more ads then actual content and that's just really annoying image


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    I read the latest issue very quickly..... I know what you mean.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    It's a common trend over summer when they don't have a lot of articles. It's one of the reasons that I stopped buying the magazine in the first place.

    Write a complaint to RW and see what they say
  • Just received the September 2012 (yes September!) issue and it's much better than last month's magazine.

  • I am talking about the September issue. The articles are nothing special and there so soooo few of them. I'm disappointed
  • I too use to subscribe but felt it was way overpriced for the content or lack of in it... i get womans running mag now and occasionally running fitness thats only £2.99 ...

  • I am a subscriber and have been now for most of this year. One thing I have noticed is that it seems to be getting thinner?? Could just be me. I also subscribe to 'Outdoor fitness'  which I do enjoy. However I do enjoy reading RW and the offer I got I feel as though I am still getting a good deal on it. I have read all the other Running specific mags and they just do not seem as good. Each to their own as with anything

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I have magazines from 2-3 years ago and it's thicker and there were at least 3 more articles and 'pieces of interest'.

    I was in tesco's last week and i was amazed at the following:

    - How thin it was
    - How many ad's were in there
    - The price in comparison to other running mags.

    .... so instead of buying that for the train - I picked up a competitor for half the price and double the content.

  • Running out of ideas I think, I mean giving you ideas on toppings for sandwiches is scraping the bottom of the barrel is it not?

  • I subscribe and it's a heck of a lot cheaper that way - I get enough out of it to justify it.  Tried Womens Running but really didn't like it.  I did write to RW and complain that I was sick of reading about folk who had been overweight/drug addicts/smokers/alcoholics and who are now running sub 3 hour marathons because I don't find it inspiring - mainly I'm jealous cos I've never been any of those and can't manage anything like but really I'm just bored of reading those sorts of articles and they depress the hell out of me - think what that person could have done had they not messed up half their lives. 

    There's also been a lot of adventure racing stuff going in rather than pure running.  I don't mind a little bit but I'd quite like to know more about several smaller races - eg give us a few lines on the Musselburgh 10K - a hot day, free ice cream and cakes at the end, some cracking winning times.  That sort of thing is all I need!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Edinburgh flump - did you get a response from RW?

  • Not a dicky bird!  I didn't expect them to make me letter of the month though I did optimistically include my shoe size image

  • I subscribed shortly after I started running towards the end of last year.  I'll not be renewing it.  To much of the same old, same old and a huge amount of pages of advertising. 

    I'm a beginner, I don't know it all; but even I know a bunch of useless twaddle when I read it.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I stopped buying the magazine years ago.  It goes on an annual cycle - you see the same things coming round again year after year.

    There's only so much you can say about running, really.

  • I used to subscribe, but stopped as after a couple of years it feels like you have read all the articles before and I felt that it was quite targetted at beginners. However, I now work in an office where they get it in to read for customers, so I get to read it for free! image

  • That was theproblem with Triathlete's world.  Very thin £4plus and lots of ads.  Wasn't impressed.  I got a great year deal on Tri Plus from a voucher site.  You only need a year before they recycle articles... get fit for summer, work off that Xmas bulge etc...

  • WJHWJH ✭✭✭

    I have recently suscribed but it would be good if they had a few more interesting in depth type articles or such regular features to freshen things up a little? There is a rival magazine (am I allowed to mention it on here?) which has interesting features such as articles of other running clubs and an insight into those. It also has more technical information at times which can be very interesting. Don't get me wrong I think it's a good read...but sometimes I do feel that it should delve a bit deeper rather than with some of the general and cyclical content it has...then again, what is the audience of RW? Is it aimed at those just getting into running or for those who are veterans who have been racing for years? Or both? The other magazine does appear to have a slightly different target audience in that it may be targeted towards those who are regular runners already! Perhaps they are targeting slightly different audiences?

  • WJH,  I'm just curious to find out which magazine you read - sounds great & where can I get one of thoseimage

  • I started subcribing about 8m months ago. Far too much bloody cooking and recipes IMHO.

  • I took up the 3 issues for £3 back in January, having been a subsciber for quite some time in the past.

    I was pleased to get back access to the subscriber only content on here but, I found the magazine UNINSPIRING rather than inspiring, so I cancelled before the end of the trial period.

    I'm now back to being refused access to subscriber only stuff on the website, but the magazine is so poor that I can live without that. Never again thanks...

  • Thought it was just me! Never got round to renewing my subscription at Christmas even though I was enjoying the mag. Went to buy a copy last week and stuck it back on the shelf after a quick flick through in the queue. Really thin and repeated content and more than four quid!!!

    Come on RW pull your socks up!
  • If I wanted a cooking magazine I would buy one. Far too many recipes and little about major events. Even the reviews of recent races are getting briefer. Trail Running magazine has far more information for less money.

  • I've subscribed to RW in the past as well, as Cycling Plus, Ride (motorbikes), Running Fitness etc. The problem is that with most things there's only so much to say. Hence you get the same articles repeating. Every new year running mags feature marathon running, to catch the London marathoners. Not so good if your training for a 10k.

    I think there's so much info and advice available at running clubs, on line and on forums etc, that it makes sense to buy a copy of RW/Running Fitness etc when it has something that interests you, the money you'll save on the 'off months' will more that make up for not subscribing and paying full price.

    Also, old fashioned I know, but the local library is likely to have a good number of running related books or even magazines. (Assuming the ConDems haven't closed it down yet of course).

  • As a librarian I 2nd that! Just got my copy of Eat and Run by Scott Jurek from my local branch...use it or lose it!
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